Garnier Pure Active Product Reviews - Claims gone wrong....

Jul 8, 2012

I was using these 3 products for more than a month and due to my transition from Delhi to Kolkata, I used them in both dry and humid weather. Here are my reviews -

A total worth-it kinda gentle scrub which only doesn't do what it is supposed to i.e. uprooting blackheads - Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Blackheads Uprooting Scrub Review

A very nice minty summery face wash which is perfect for both dry and oily skin but doesn't do what it is supposed to i.e. aim towards a clean acne free face - Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Pore Unclogging Wash Review

A roll-on pen which does nothing - Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Pimple Relief Roll-On Review

So, do you realize what went wrong? These product should had been marketed differently. The following two products are really nice but then who will respect then when they fail to keep their own words?

Have you also felt that a nice product is marketed incorrectly and hence losing it right in the market? If something was sold in some other way then people might have liked it more? Do share.


  1. Surprisingly the scrub was the least fave product of mine, but the roll-on pen worked great for my acne problem! It doesn't make it go but reduces it size and lessens the pain and helps to heal them faster! :)

    Nice reviews. Though it seems to work differently on different ppl :D

    1. for me, only the redness was reduced. It gave the impressions of a smaller size but when I looked carefully, the size was same. Only the redness surrounding it was gone. Even after using this, it took me the general 3-4 days for the pimple to go away.

  2. I use these products regularly. But the main problem with salicylic acid is that after application should not be exposed to sun. This acid makes skin fragile and prone to pigmentation. Try to use any sunscreen if you using the product.May be your is reacting thats why the pure range is not working for you.

    1. Thanks Piu for the suggestion. I really gave a thought about it and I realized that I had used it only at night so, the suncreen part should not have been a issue. And BTW I never step outside without sunscreen :D

  3. I have been using the pure active range(face wash,roll on pen and face cream) I use a high SPF sunscreen(SPF50) and yet my skin darkened quite abit. I have now gone back to the Garnier even range to even my skintone and repair the damage the garnier pure active products did to my skin!!! The pure active range is not such a nice product at all


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