Sleek i-Divine Au Natural Palette Swatches

Jun 21, 2012

Either I am too busy or a lazy bug has bit me. Here I am posting this after 3 months of clicking the pics! I really hope no other blogger is at such a huge backlog! 

Anyways this sweet Sleek Au Naturel Palette is what I ordered along with all my order for a friend of mine who has just started buying makeup. I was really glad to help her and I got her these  as they are very natural color and she could use them daily if she wished to. Plus, they are very cost effective! Each color comes at a cost of around 50 INR each.

Sleek iDivine Oh So Special Swatches and Review

Sleek PPQ iDivine Me Myself Eye Shadow Swatch

Au Naturel Ingredients

As I never used them on my eyes - hey she was sweet enough to give me for review/swatch, I should not apply it to test it right? So, consider this just a swatch post. I cannot comment on the stay and finish on my eye lids. 

Ohh but I used one Taupe when I visted Kryolan Store and the SA asked me which shade it was  and  I consider it a compliment in disguise. Period. There were some fall outs after 3-4 hours but its a shimmery shade that I applied with my fingers in hurry!

And also, the lighter colors are very very very tough to swatch! No color at all! 

Taupe, Conker, Moss, Mineral Earth are the best colors in the palette.

Personally I am still hooked to Physicians Formula N*de Strip - God knows how many times I have said this :D

Which is your favorite N*de Palette?


  1. Hi...When I first saw Toast in palette, I almost fell for it but when i saw the swatches, I could hardly see this color. Nice review BTW.

  2. Love Taupe, Conker and Mineral earth.
    P.S.- I mistook the cover for a chocolate cover(Bournville) when I saw the pic on my dashboard for the first time :P

  3. Love the Au Naturel palette!!! It was my first Sleek palette and no I have many ;) the other one is also great, got it 2 weeks ago! ^^

  4. This looks nice and I also check out your post on Physicians formula Nude Strip.
    You're right, I too like that than this.
    But both are really a good alternative to UD Naked... :) :) :)
    Great review. Do drop by my blogs too sometime.. :)

    1. Because of the PF nude strip, i never felt the need of UD naked. Also, PF is much smaller and easier to travel with...fits in the tiniest makeup pouches

  5. I really want them.........hope sleek does something to make products available here ..they would sell like hot cakes :)nnice review and swatches...

  6. Love these shades
    wish to have this brand at local market soon

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  8. i love it the palette but i find that nubuck is absolutely rubbish! really rubbish not even little bit colour shows up! annoyed with that but i luuurve Cappuccino , Honey comb , Toast , Taupe and Bark. :D


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