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Jun 11, 2012

Remember the 50% discounts on The Body Shop mini products? I a random post on that and I showed you what I got HERE. Well that was not just it. To be frank I went to all TBS stores to find what else was on offer. I went to one of their store (I am not telling which one) and I found a girl hold a full size of Sweet Lemon Body Butter and I found that even it was on 50% off but then I realized there was only 1 left and she was holding that ONE!!...Arghhhh…I really wanted to snatch it away from her when she noticed that it said for Dry/Normal skin and she asked the SAs that she has dry and the SA pushed her to their Chocomania Range. She kept this down and in a sec I picked it up and went directly to Bill Counter as I do not need to smell any TBS products, I know them and so, I said – "Bill Please!”. While going out of the store, I found that girl searching for the tub that she in her own words had Just-Put-Back! *monster laugh*

Lady you are in Kolkata and you are not even reviewing moisturizer but a Body butter now? Yes, I started to use it when I came to Kolkata. Yes, its too humid to actually apply any kind of moisturizer leave apart a body butter but I need to use something as I stay in the cold dry office weather for 9 hours a days and sleep with the AC on at Dry mode (thanks to Delhi, I am addicted to Dry weather) for another 7 hours, I have to use something. Surprisingly I do not use it at daytime. Yes, it has a citricy smell which is very sweet and wake a person up in morning but I use it at night. If you are an insomniac train urself to sleep by a smell or activities like brushing teeth or changing into jamies. Your body slowly tunes to the fact that if I am brushing after dinner, it’s supposed to shut down in some time. As I am staying with my mother and becoming a night owl is completely striked out for me, I have to lure myself to sleep 2 hours early to the time I am supposed to hit the shack and so this is what is helping me to sleep 2 hours more!

The Ingredients List

I have seen lot of people reviewing a TBS product and saying that the ingredients list is not available. Well, all you have to do is pull back paper along the arrow.

And you have the Ingredients list mentioned under it!

Just look at the beauty in the tub....awwwwww

So, is it good on your skin? As its for Dry/Normal skin, it’s good for me now when it swings between dry-normal-oily in a single day. I cannot apply when I have the oily skin time. Not even on hands or feet! But works fine for the time I sleep. It is absorbed quickly and spreads very smoothly. But, when I take my morning shower I can still feel that it’s still on my skin so yes, the protection IS good.

Will you repurchase? Well now I have decided I shall never my any TBS product unless there is an offer. I had to buy my Rainforest shampoo recently in full price as MedPlusBeauty was not storing it (God knows why their stocks are not updated ) and I cannot use any SLS or SLES shampoo on my hair….ohh s**t. But yes, I am not buying anything without offer. And surely not this one. 745 INR is a huge price.

And ohh yes, in Kolkata TBS they even had the Coconut Body Butter full size on 50% off. I will never forgive myself for missing that one *crying  with thousand tears*

And extend of humidity here - These are the grape soaps that I got from Saket, Delhi. I never dared to use them. Even the lemon in the first pic is a soap from that store. Now can you see the sweat even on the soaps? Well that happened in 1 min of exposing them to the outside (not even under sun) climate!

Have you use these grape soaps?

And StyleCraze is going to start having TBS stuffs. I wish they have everything on huge offs *making cute puppy face*

 Have you used this TBS Sweet Lemon Body Butter? Did you liked it the smell?

PS: My mom feels it smells like some kind of Lemon pickle

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  1. *sob* *sob* i dont want to think even, what all i missed in TBS sale


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