How to Fix Nails ASAP!!! Revlon Star to my Rescue :D

Jun 25, 2012

I generally choose my outfits for the week on Sunday and paint my nails with something that might somehow go with all of them. This week I choose Faces Wild Mauve but to my disappointed in just one day it faded around the corners! I was just wondering the could do and then suddenly I spotted this - Revlon Star in my not-at-all-organized makeup drawers (Mental note - Organize you B****!)

Revlon Star is a amazing sparkle nail polish. The density of the glitter is just perfect - nothing OTT. Also it consists of silver and navy blue glitter. There are some bigger chunks of silver as well to keep up with the chunky glitter look. Dries up almost instantly and the texture is not rough like other glitter nail polish.

To be frank they no more match with my outfit but who cares? I do not have the time today.

Ohh BTW I am having a night shift today....arghhhhhh...for the first time in my life. After so much pain I brought some discipline in my sleeping schedule so I am back to square one today.

What do you do when you do not have time to reapply and 
need to fix your nails ASAP? 
All ideas are welcome as always

* Keep Smiling *


  1. Is this from the expressionist range? I have been ogling at this one for a long time, but I would like to finish up my current stock first.

    I do something which you would just hate! If I have chipped polish near the tips, I just cut off my nails short. That way, the shipped tips are removed :P
    I know you have the reason to be mad at me for this suggestion, but that's how I handle it :)

    1. Yes, dear it is from the expressionist range.

      U cut ur nails? thats cruel :(

  2. I jus got some nail polish strips! Hav a review done on them recently...they r a breeze to use and fun to wear!

  3. Loved the shade ... M a big fan of glitters :) Quick fix will be layering the shade once more...


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