How is Kolkata Treating Me?

Jun 19, 2012

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3 weeks in Kolkata by now. Yes, I still miss Delhi. I miss a lot of things in fact. But then I want to discoverer what here as well and stop cribbing all the time. Here is a sum up of everything in total.

Just Chill – Bengalis are extremely relaxed people. The shops are closed even in the afternoon. The jaldi-jaldi-karo is slowly going away from me. I do not feel anymore that I need a vacation. I even travelled in tram one evening while it was raining. It took me twice what it should have taken but then I was really enjoying the thing. 

Loaded with marriage, birthday, and anniversary invitations – Everyone of my relative is based in Kolkata. There are only few like me and my parents who have lived outside. So, whenever I come back there are so many lunch and dinner invitations that I cannot even eat once at home (This luckily have stopped because everyone now realize that I cannot eat so much). And BTW people in Kolkata will show the love for you by food. Food is everything and it’s almost a religion for me personally. I have to refuse them but I cannot say NO to marriage, etc, especially the ones who are close. And you might wonder when I define close – next week I have to attend a marriage of a girl is my Gandmom’s sister’s granddaughter! Also, it implies that I have to shop shop shop for cloths I can wear to a marriage.

Nothing is Open on Sunday - Last to last Saturday I went to buy a new laptop for my cousin to Chandni Chowk (yes, we have a Chandni Chowk here where u get electronic stuffs at ground low price) and on Sunday I realized that most markets are closed on Sunday and so I spend one entire weekend without buying a thing. So, from last Monday (not the yesterday one), I was planning where all to go on Saturday and by Friday I had a list with 14 places to visit! So I tore the list and went to New Market. Its ironically a old market where you can get anything under the sun. There are some new comparatively new arcades/complexes like Treasure Island, Sriram market, simpark which are good for traditional Indian wear and also for some imported cloths and shoes. I got myself a blue anarkali with white embroidery work. Suddenly I realized something – almost all of them are patch work, border work and some good cuts on good fabric. There were hardly stuffs which have work done directly on the dress and then something hit me – I wish I could have visited Kirana at least once. 

I found Kirana Bazaar in Kolkata – When me and my mom were trying to figure where is Treasure Island we got lost inside Hogg Market. And I thank God that we got lost. I found stores selling cloths in every print that you will spot in malls. You just need 2 mts if you want to stitch yourself a nice kurta. A few steps ahead and I found three stores which sold borders for sari! And It was amazing! For an entire sari the border required costs something between 800 to 1200. In Kirana Bazaar of Delhi you need to buy for the entire sari but here you can but as much as you require. So, yes you can design your own kurtas and suits. I felt the designs of botis (the small pattern works that you put in body) were less on display but then I saw a lady with around 3-4 georgette sari which already had some prints etc and she was choosing the border and botis which the shop keeper was showing by digging deep inside the store store. I will do a proper post about them and I what I got from there when I am sane enough to choose the stuffs from there. That day I was already lost!

Makeup is Sh*t – I have not even got a new moisturizer leave apart any makeup the day from I have come here! I am not at all attracted by them. Also, my Mom is wondering why I need so many nail polish or any makeup for the matter of fact. I really need to but something from Avon but I will do it in next month. Really want to check if I can keep a ban on myself. Anyway I need to buy cloths!

Heaven for Shoe Lovers – Ohh myyy Shoes! I tiny tear rolled out my eyes when I saw the shoes in Simpark and Sriram Arcade. The variety, the colors, the styles…ohhhhh….but I cannot wear them to office and on weekend I have to go shopping so cannot wear the towering heels either! I really wish I was in collage. When I was in collage I wish I had money to spend; when I have money to spend I do not have the place to wear the crazy stuffs. On top of all, in a week monsoons will hit here and then no fancy shoes – only rain shoes from Bata survives the rain here.

Food Food Food – I am showing full devotion to my religion now - FOOD. At home I get to enjoy all awesome Bengali food and I can cook at home anything else that I want to eat. Also, there are so many restaurants which are yet to be discovered. Right outside my office I have access to all the junk food in the cheapest price possible. I used to take all my colleagues there and now they are addicted to all the Bengali junk food. Favorite of all – Alu Chop and Moori which costs 3.5 INR! Can there be anything cheaper which actually fills your stomach and tastes yummy?

Super Safe - When I was in Gurgaon I could not imagine step out by myself after 6 pm as I didn't had a vehicle. Here, I am happy to roam around even at 11pm. Really not worried about what to wear and what not to wear *big happy smile*


PS: Another place I would love to mention in case you live near Gariahat is Zedd. It’s a place where I shop occasionally from last 5 years. They sell simple stuffs with a touch of elegance.  

Kolkata's favorite place to be - Coffee House - But I never visited this place :(

Do share any places to shop or eat that you love. 
I would love to visit new places.


  1. Ah! This post makes me fall in love with Kolkata again! You looked for Treasure Island in Hogg Market?!!

    Btw, at New Market esp at Hogg market you can get so much of makeups. The shops look unimpressive I know, but they are often loaded with stuffs you couldn't have ever guessed!

    Btw, for the western outfits at dirt cheap price, you can try BK Market which is opposite of Nagaland house or Nightimgle at Shakespeare Sarani. I never knew there was this small market inside. But the clothes are awesome. Most are imported from South east and are sold at very high price in shops at the othe parts of the country.
    :D I am kind of bored of Cofee House now. After two years of University and being forced to go there almost every day and the quality of food falling low, I don't like being there much if food is the factor. Other than that, the huge space and the ancient decor and everything just makes one go nostalgic. Ok, I need to stop.
    Sorry for the long comment .

    1. thanks Nivs for such a sweet comment! I loved reading each and everything in this.....please write like this :*

      I was actually looking though our way to treasure island though Hogg as we were on the other side of it...even I love BK ...its awesome but these days the price is higher compared to what they used to be....but yes, still cheaper than the rest of the country

      and please continue more if u want to...i would love to read :D

  2. aaaahhhhh beautiful post... I was reliving my Kolkata days through your post :) Thank you... I love the city... and ah New market... You can get everything there!!! heheheheh and the chicken rolls that you get outside of new market!!!! yum yum yum :D love love love the city! thank you for this post girl :)

    1. chicken rolls are yum yum all over this city :D...let me know if u happen to visit here ever again......

  3. Great post, though I have never been to Cal, its definitely a place I'd like to visit.

  4. Calcutta is safe so i can imagine how u must be feeling rite nw after leaving Noida n Gurgaon!!!

  5. Hello :) Love your blog!
    I was actually wondering if you knew any places in Kolkata where I can buy wedding clothes or Indian heavy clothes in general.. Is shopping there actually better than in Delhi? Im form bombay so Everything is super expensive here :(

    Let me know ;D

    1. could you please mail me sweetandbitterblog(at)


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