Colorbar Shimmer Magic Baked Blush/Eyeshadow/Bronzer Honeymoon Peach Review and Swatch

Jun 9, 2012

Of all the things that I miss here in Kolkata the place that is in top 10 is the colorbar store of saket. Ohh how I had the access to all the Colorbar’s latest stuffs and now I will have to wait 6 months and even after that I might not be getting the stuffs that others are happily using in Delhi *super sad*. Anyways when I was arranging my stuffs here I say this and I realized this is in my drafts for such a long time – have to review it now! So, say hello to Colorbar Honeymoon Peach.

I do not know if we are supposed to eat Peaches in honeymoon or look like a peach in honeymoon but I had to buy this though I was thinking the price was too much when the SA applied it on my face and I said – Ohh I look beautiful! This brings a nice glow to my face.

About the product

Showers of flash powder particles reflect like prism.
Silky, light, exequisite fresh colors that easily create fantastic surge of delightful textures and most fashionable charm of smoked makeup whether monochrome or color use. 
May have the effects of magic.

What it claims
  • Provides radiant, healthy looking effect - Yes! Yes! Yes! This is the reason I got this. My skin looks radiant with the slightest application of this product. A single swirl with brush and a light application on your face and you have the most natural looking healthy skin. 
  • Very Pigmented - Yes. I end up applying a little bit more when I am not careful.
  • Lightweight - True. I hardly feel something on my skin. Can even apply on in this hot weather!
  • Easy to blend - Yes. 
  • Non Oily - Yes.
  • Long Lasting - Hell Yeah! If I apply it in the morning then I have always find it on my face while removing makeup at night.
  • Multifuntional can be used like blusher, eye shadow, bronzer or a highlighter - Well I do not agree much on this. There are different shades which might act that way but not this one. 

The Pan

NOTE - Each pan looks different even for the same color. Try getting the one in which the bronze and the peach are distinct so that you can apply as a bronzer if required.

Swatch (Unblended and Blended)

Light peachy texture with loads of super tiny shimmer and some chunky glitter as well.

I really love this product as its really easy to apply and blend. Last really long on me so me doing a happy dance here! 

At 750 INR for 9gm its really a economical product if you look at the bigger picture (pun intended). I am sure I will not be even make a proper dent on this.

Remember to get the ones in which the peach and the bronze is distinct or else you cannot use it in multiple ways.


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