Any Favorite Drink for Summer?

Jun 1, 2012

Last Friday (my last day at office before I shifted here) a friend of mine (also my colleague in Gurgaon) gave a very sweet farewell lunch.....hugs to her for that. We went to galleria as she never went there. We finally found our place after roaming around under the noon sun - Crazy Noodles. I have been in their GIP branch and I liked it because of the bi-color chopsticks (but now-a-days they give wooden/bamboo ones), those crazy wet tissues and also puzzles for you as you wait for order….let me keep the other surprises for your visit. Visit the place and realize yourself the array of craziness that place has to provide for you!

There were two ladies who were having this green drink and I had to try it! I ask for this one and Ohh boy it was awesome! I generally order the aerated drinks in restaurants but I think I should not do it anymore. The drink is - Mint Caprioska. I wish there were a less amount of ice but it’s OK! I could not finish it as I had to wait for the ice to melt and it needs time and I time was something that I did not had! 

I also had this thing which had loads of mushrooms (I do not eat mushrooms!) inspired by the two Chinese Korean Japanese I-do-not-know-which-county-but-surely-not-north-east-Indian guys who were having the same.......yes my entire order was based on Whats-on-other-people's table.....(I hope it counts as normal....fingers crossed...ohh wait I ordered Spring rolls as well...relieved!). 

Butter milk,jaljeera and off course Water are also my all time favorites for summer (a restaurant Desi Vibes in Sec 18 Noida offers complimentary Jaljeera... isn't that great?)

But I loved the mint drink and I realized how wonderful mint is for summer and there are no Crazy Noodles in Kolkata so my search for an amazing drink starts again!

Do you also have any summer special drink?

PS: if you ever go to Crazy noodles try the Chocolate Money Bags…I know the name itself is tempting. The taste won’t disappoint you either.


  1. oooh my the pics look so yummy :P hahahahha... looks like you guys had a great time :)
    My fav Summer drink would be Lemon Iced Tea without a doubt ;)

    1. most of my freinds are addicted to Lemon Iced Tea...few love peach flavored ones also :)

  2. its been a long time since i am living Noida, still i dont knw nything abt here. dat drink is wow!

  3. Its one of my favorite fun eating joints, I was planning to go there today but didnt get time. Might go there over the weekend. How are you settling in Kol?


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