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May 7, 2012

From the day I first say the sleek eye shadow palettes, I wanted them badly. They are small enough to be carried around (but sadly does not fit in my tiny office makeup pouch). The price is not much and there are so many variety! The hinder – Shipping charges! So when Pooja from Indian Beauty Central mentioned that they are having 50% shipping charges, I just couldn't wait and got all I wanted and was in stock. Check out the rest of the stuff` I got HERE.

I know I have been really posting less these days because of bad internet connection and also in my PG some lighting issues and so talking pics is a big issues. These were clicked in my previous home. 

Anyways, today is the turn is the most vivid eye shadow palette that I got from Sleek – Me, Myself and Eye.

Ingredients of Sleek Me Myself and Eye


The size and shape is like the rest of the Sleek palettes but because its Limited Edition, the outer cover is not black but Red in color. The 10 colors are housed inside it with a dual tip sponge applicator which is of no use. I use brush and not very clean with sponge applicators. I also has a mirror inside. For lazy people like me who generally go their makeup after they reach the place where they are expected with makeup, this is a nice option...........I just hope I am able to fit in another brush in place of that sponge applicator.

To separate the mirror from the colors there is a transparent plastic sheet which bears the name of the colors.

With Names

Without Names


Fav Colors - In the palette, I had high hopes from Salt’n’Peppermint (very pigmented) and Pink Beret (matte pastel pink which is a bit to show up) but the perfect one in this palette is Black Box. I do not think I need to get Bourjois 10 anymore. This is coal black and super smooth to apply. I need to google a bit more to use it to the best way possible. This black alone is completely worth the whole palette.

Primal green is another lovely shade and a very unique Khaki green with golden shimmer. I would love to pair this with Golden Silvers for a festive look – Imagine Diwali!

And at last – Blue Monday which is not blue but dark moss green with silver shimmer.

Unsure where to use - Barry White is white with sparkle and I am not sure if I will ever use it as highlighting under brow simply doesn't work for me. So is the case with Fade to Grey.

Simply Red is quite a Indian bridal color and cannot be used anyway for everyday. It’s more of a intense coral then Red to me.

I have similar feeling for Chris De Burgundy which is a matte burgundy and I am not sure when to use it!

So this leaves behind the least favSupernova. It hardly showed on my skin and applying a color like that on my already small eyes makes them even smaller. This color might just remain the way it is now. Another is Lilac Allien – looks very ugly on me. Its very frosty for my taste.

Overall – I think the product is perfect even if it had only Black Box. Its alone worth the whole price. Salt’n’Peppermint , Primal green and Blue Monday are the other I loved. The fall outs weren't major and with Garnier Tinted roll on, I couldn't see a creasing or fading for a good amount of time ( around 5 hours). So yes I am satisfied because of the variety of colors, price per color, it is easy to travel with and also have a mirror inside.

I will review about the other 2 palettes soon……

Which color did you liked most in his palette?


  1. nice palette....loved all shades. especially Simply red.

  2. all colors are nice and dis travel friendly too

    1. because they are travel friendly, I prefer these over those 88 or 120 palettes

  3. Awwwwww I wana cry now!! My order of 3 sleek palettes went missing in shipping,I was so lemming for these sleek palettes...sob sob :(

    1. Poooooooja what are u sayin? abhi tak nahin aaya? i am feeling bad..u were the one who informed the offer!

  4. Awesome palette! :O The colours are so vivid! I WANTZ!

  5. Personally I like the Sunset Divine palette much more. The black in that is much better than this as this looks a little chalky. Overall the colors were not so good except 1 or 2 in this. I especially didnt like the matte shades and their pigmentation. Coastal Scents has awesome matte colors with rich pigmentation and amazing texture.

    1. yup Sunset Divine is nice but as it is a LE, its not available now. There are ebay sellers selling it but then Sleek es palettes have shelf life of 12 months only so its risky to get them from ebay.


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