NOTD - Stripes, Glitter, Neon, Crackle, Dots!

May 14, 2012

Before my posting speed reduces from 1 per day to 1 per week, I had to do something. I just cannot do some post just because I hate to post. There are post in my drafts which require free time which I do not seem to have much these days in home or office and the cherry on top - net issues! I cannot tell how bad it is currently. I am infact posting from someone else's lappy......please have pity on me.

I was not doing any NOTD posts (whereas my life depends on it at time) from many days and you will come to know why soon.

On my nails - Stripes are drawn my the nail polish brush itself as I was really lazy to get up and use something better. The color is Flormar 424. On top its Colorbar Crackle. The price of colorbar crackle is high but then I am yet to find one that can match its quality. I found a cheaper one and compared it HERE.

Something inside me does not allows me to paint all my nails exactly alike. I feel really irritated for some reason and end up doing something or other. This time it was Taxi Nail Art on the whole middle finger nail.

And the reason why I was not posting any of my nail arts recently.


I broke my index finger nail. It was though the bed and a very ugly sight. Kept it inside band-aid for 2 days but the harm was already done. Now its growing back but its still very small.....

And presenting my toes for the very first time. The chappals are from Sarojini for 150 INR. My feet was all hurting (the heels weren't huge...check them HERE...but I had walked too much in Sarojini )and I had to get some flats and I am glad I got it!

 BTW got to go now. Boys Bday in 24 mins!

BTW my giveaway ends enter if you have not done it so far

Smile :D


  1. hey the TBS sale is still on at south city and they are now selling lemon body butter full size at half off...u wanted to know, so just shared the small info with u.. :)

    1. thanks for the info...i got that sweet lemon one here itself...was tempted by the coconut one actually

  2. lovely nail art.......very pretty slippers ...:)

  3. cool art and nice combinations.

  4. superb..I loved the polka dots one alot..:)

  5. I loved the polka dots d most...


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