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May 17, 2012

At times I shop like crazy but there still remains a hole inside me. It happens most of the time actually. Yesterday I went to Karol Bagh and Pacific Subhash Nagar (both suggested by Pooja of IBC…thanks dear…XOXO) and I got just 2 items and I never had a more satisfied sleep than last night.

The two items are

1. Lanvin Marry Me – I wanted it from the day I saw the print ad. The boy, the girl, her hair, her dress, her shoes, the sunlight, even the bicycle..everything is just simple and sweet. I have a sensitive nose and I got this even without sniffing it! I am wearing it today and totally loving it.


2. Aldo Sunglasses – I needed one badly. I thought of getting from Forever 21 but when I went to their Vasant Kunj Store I didn’t liked any. I treid Aldo there but nothing that could suit me. I found this yesterday in Aldo, Pacific Mall. Its nothing like whats in trend right now – neither neon nor pastel but I got this because I needed one to save me from the fierce sun…anyone in India will agree with me now *wink*

Yes, I was eyeing one but that didn’t suit my big round face. 

Buy the sunnies HERE for 800 INR.

Sale Update – Aldo Accessories were having Get 2 , Pay 1……arey Buy 1 Get 1 in simple terms for few sunglasses and stuffs and also jewellery. All of them were totally last season. Why will I buy warm socks now just because I have to pay 50% ? Its not soap or lotions which you can save for winters (just what I did for Body Shop) as you have no idea what’s gonna be in trend next year.

 And ohh…people following me in FB might be knowing how much I wanted one particular bag from Accessorize and how I was jumping from one store to another and eating their head! I finally found my satchel bag. Here is a glimpse.

Its looks very very formal so thinking of adding charms to make it bit more casual now but most of the bag charms are silver and I need a bit dull gold to go with this.  

Read more about the bag HERE

Important News – I am shifting to Kolkata in a week. Office Transfer. So buying like crazy these days because I know the stuffs you can never find in Kolkata. I am not buying any shoes because I found a paradise in Kolkata recently but makeup stuffs etc.

Also I have lots of stuffs that I ordered from international website which are on their way. Keeping fingers crossed that they reach me before I go so that I can review them for you.

The coming weekend will be my last weekend here so please suggest me what should I do?

Have to go to Sarojini again but I cannot go there on weekend. I need to go to Karol bagh or maybe Kamala nagar market……I am so confused now……….suggest me something!


  1. U go to that shop in karol bagh near roopam stores.....if yes how was the shop...did they have nice collection of nail paints.l.

    1. yup...that store only...but better than roopam road...i found a better way to go to that place from metro station.

      For the first time I did't looked at nail polish at all! This implies to either I was not interested or the stock was no huge.

      That place (Impressions) better for US skincare, perfume and selected makeup brands.......going there again on Saturday and will update you on the nail polish part...

  2. Wow you are coming here!! :D yay...but am sorry you have to leave Delhi...

  3. Replies
    1. presently I am head over heels in love with this!...its just plain superb!

  4. Congrats on some great shopping dear! I was so eagerly awaiting your post, really wanted to go shopping together but alas. 'Marry me' bottle is so simple & beautiful, I'd love to just decorate my vanity with it :)

    1. its cho cute and it will add a spark in ur vanity...he he

      are you going there this weekend?

  5. Nice haul!!!! that bag is pretttyyyyy! me also got sun glasses last week..nothin ever seems to suit me :(

    1. same issue with can't buy even those awesomely cheap ones from ebay nor those glamourous high branded ones

  6. Will miss you baby..plz don't go :-(

  7. Hi
    I just gave you the Liebster Award

    Check out the details here

  8. Shiggiri bolo Kolkatay kon jaygar kotha bolchhile. I'm sure I would hit the place. Yes, come to Kolkata and now we can have our Kolkata girls' day out!

  9. review the marry me !!! :) im planing to go to d karol bagh one :p

  10. Oh you too bought it :) superb isn't it :)

  11. Oh wow! That is great! You shifting :)
    and awesome stuff <3



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