First OOTD – Improvise! + When I Meet Another Blogger

May 7, 2012

There are just few nice malls in the city and most of the bloggers visit them. I knew a day when I will bump into some blogger and definitely not remember her name because I am pathetic with names. So this happened on Tuesday when I skipped office and decided to go to Vasant Kunj with my friend. My main target was Forever 21. I saw the new collection when I went there for the Keihl’s Giveaway thing but I didn’t have anything for myself because I am a very compulsive buyer. If I want it, I buy it because if I do not I might regret it always. I hate to regret so end up buying stuffs which I might not even wear once. So I needed someone to guide me. I got 2 tops and a satchel (will do “Whats in my Bag” post once the lighting issue is solved in PG).

Then my friend got bored and we decided to go to Sarojini…yes I finally got cloths for myself….I know I am talking like some beggar who have to run around almost naked because she does not have cloths…God save me!

But before going to Sarojini we decided to eat in the Food Court – A mix veg sizzler which looks yum but was pathetic.

When me and my friend were complaining about the food, I saw her and I was like – I have seen her…some blog….fashion blog….mumbai?..nah…..yup she has a pug…what’s her name….her name…yes her blog name is her name….what was her name? How can I got to someone saying I have seen your blog but I do not remember you? Yuck! But somehow with all my guts and leaving behind my self esteem I went to her and said – U are a blogger, right? Some fashion blog (eeww what am I saying?)…ohh u have a pug! (slaps herself in mind)…but she was really sweet and asked me to join her table. As we were almost about to leave, I told her we will wait on our table till she finishes her food and then maybe we can do a couple of clicks together.

The Blogger here is Megha Sarin. See…both are in floral dress…Summer is here Baby!!

No watermark here because she was sweet enough to send this to me.

What am I wearing – Well this a dress I picked up with my Mom from Gariahat, Kolkata and guess what? It costs 75 INR!!!! Bhwaaaa hahahaaaaaaa. I never wear dress in general even when I have a bag full of dresses because I generally travel by public transport and you know the Delhi's Condition. Somehow I wore this but I had no idea that I was two sizes bigger but I was adamant on wearing this only so I used a belt which came free with some other dress . The black thing it a part of the black necklace that I wore in that Divo Event. Without it there were too much of cleavage showing. I could not find my other broaches as still all my stuffs aren't unpacked. Its just a way to show that you can improvise anything anytime if you wish to do that.

The Bag is from my favorite bag store in Rajouri. No idea about the name. I love it very much and so far 4 people (including my Mom) ended up buying a copy or something similar to this.

Apricot Shoes with block heel from Bags and More, Ambiance Gurgaon

Blooper - Me trying to fix by belt to make that perfect bow!

Did u liked my improvisation for a 75 INR dress? I would love to do loads of OOTDs but I do not have a person who can take pics. These pics were just clicked at random by my friend who was extremely annoyed because I was asking her to click and we were getting late for Sarojini. I somehow managed to edit them here and there....again improvised *wink*


  1. Ooooh you look like an adorable doll, Megha & You look so cute together :) That summer dress is just so pretty!! :D

  2. Loved ur OOTD....the dress is for 75? beat that!! :D
    Megha and u both look so cute :)

  3. U r looking so doll like......hey r u talking about sarojini nagar market ......if yes....I have so many child hood memories with that market...:)

  4. You look lovely!! I saw your pics on Megha's blog yesterday and I was wondering if its actually you coz she didn't mention your name there. You guys look great :)
    more outfit posts,please!! :D

  5. 75 bucks!! :O :O im going to gariahat tomorrow! :P

  6. Aww! So good to see your post! Pretty floral dress <3 <3
    I will mail you soon!


  7. I follow both of you..wud luv to see OOTD from u as well.

  8. 75rs!!! you are lucky!!!! I saw your pics on Megha's blog. cute!

  9. Awww. both of u look so cute in ur floral dresses. :) loved the OOTD post. <3

  10. Honestly!! 75bucks :P , wow,,,, and you look just so cute :)

  11. thank you all of you for liking the post :D

  12. oh wow, you have a very pretty baby face! Love the whole out fit ^_^.

  13. Loved your summer dress..


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