Colorbar Take Me As I Am Vs Inglot AMC + Dare Bare Pink Swatch And Review

May 21, 2012


Call them the Indian version of Clinique Chubby Sticks or Inglot AMC Lip Pencils, Colorbar launched them! (Thanks again for launching Crackle) I am never a person who like lip color in stick because of the color that gets wasted while sharpening but when I saw them, I thought – what the harm in trying them once?

How I felt about them?

Everyone knows the pros and cons of a stick lipcolor. So I am not gonna talk about that. I am more concerned about it being compared with the Inglot ones. So, I will do that for sure.

Clinique chubby sticks are something that I am not getting whatever be it as they are very sheer. I am not blessed with nice lips that can look good with sheer colors. I need strong pigmented colors. The one left here is Inglot AMC. Well after my experience with their matte formula with Inglot 401 lipstick (reviewed HERE) I was skeptical with the AMC formulas. On top the Inglot ones are super matte.

* Availability *

Inglot – Only their stones and online

Colorbar – Only their flagship stores and few stores which stocked them (I found them at Karol bagh in some shop opp Bata)

* Formula *

Inglot – Matte drying formula. I tried them once at store and I felt I can never make it work without a balm.  Anyone with dry lips will definitely have issues applying it. On top of it I found people mentioning that it settled in lines. 

Colorbar - Matte non-drying formula. Initially I thought it will melt but then it didn’t. On top of it, I applied it daily for 2 weeks to finish the first sharpened cone (I hope I am making myself clear here) but I couldn’t. So this is gonna last.

* Stay *

Inglot – I have not actually used it on my lips (just tried them at store) so, cannot comment.

Colorbar – Easily 5 hours on me. No dryness. No flakiness. No heavy feeling on lips. I never required a lip balm or gloss with this.

* Variety *

Inglot – I think they have around 23 shades. Someone please correct me with the exact number available in India.

Colorbar – Only 8. You might not end up with the ONE you wanted.  Check out the other Swatched HERE

Colorbar Dare Bare Pink Swatch

* Price * this is something which is repeatedly discussed whenever Colobar TMAIA is talked about.

Inglot – 680 INR for 3.8 gm. So, you pay about 179 for each gm of the color. You might need to buy additional sharpener just for this pencils.

Colorbar – 699 for 3.94gm . So you 177 for each gm which is same as Inglot but you get the sharpener for free.

Wasted product in each sharpening

All in all I am happy with it because it’s matte but still doesn’t dries my lip. Gives full color in just a single swipe. Does not melt and surely will last long.

But in the end its my point of view *big smile* and I leave it to all the pretty ladies here to decide.


  1. i am in love wid chubby colorbar pencils

  2. Nice comparison ...I love the colorbar one alot..

  3. Shayoni the dare bare looks AHHHMAZING on ur lips!! it is so ur color.I love the AMC crayons I have so far,#22 and 23 but I do like dare-bare so im gonna get that I think.
    PS:u mentioned that u hate the sharpening because of wastage so I have a solution for u: collect the wasted colored wax part and place in a small tub of lip balm.u can use it as lipstick with a lip brush or add melted vaseline to make tinted lip balm :)

  4. The colors are so lovely in this range and in seeing so much of raves, I am pretty inclined to purchase this one. But the price... and I like lipsticks in stick forms better.
    The shade looks just hawt on you! :D

  5. vivid and sweet colours. I like colorbar alot. what pretty lips you have

  6. The colours look so good and tempting! But the price makes me cringe! D:

  7. The hand swatch looks deliciously creamy and on your lips its gorgeous :D :D I'm a sucker for chubby pencils but the price really makes my head spin :P

  8. hey can you tell me if colorbar is available in Westside?

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