35% Off on Coastal Scents Palette + Feeling About Buyincoins.com

May 2, 2012

Remember few months back when all of a sudden there were loads of online retailers in India and everyone was having SALE to attract people! They had those coupon codes and free gifts on purchase. Well now all of them are gone. Even if there are offs on products but that is reduced from 25% to 15%. The size of free gift reduced to some samples of unheard brands. Coupon codes are still there for some but then in short – nothing interesting!

I was looking into Coastal Scents websites and realized that they always have some or other sales going on. Each sale last for around 3-5 days. Luckily this time they have their all famous palettes!


I am seriously thinking about getting one. You get similar ones in buyincoins.com but there is huge issue with their package – late/missing/broken.
What I felt about Buyincoins – I had ordered once from them – 2 products WITH tracking. One was out-of-stock so they send me one with tracking and that reached me safely. The other one w/o tracking was nowhere in sight even after 40 days. They refunded the money without a question to my Paypal but then I waited for more than 40 days for something that didn’t arrived and I had to order it again from somewhere else!

So back to the post – I AM thinking of getting something THIS time ( I am having similar thoughts from a long time and I am just avoiding it)…….but the shipping?..its $15.88 even if I just order I palette and $18.96 for two! And $26.66 for 3! So confused!

Ohhhhh BTW are you getting something? In case you are from NCR and getting something please mail me. We can order together and split the charges + parcels reach really fast in my Gurgaon office because of some reason ...whooo..hooo!!

Link for the Sale - HERE

PS: I have so many reviews lined but work in office and net issues at home are making me slow. Really sorry guys *making puppy face to gain sympathy*  BTW Few days left for my giveaway – In case you have not entered then click HERE

Hugs and Kisses....


  1. I bought my palette in a sale like this one! I know 16$ is insane for shipping! I paid more for shipping than for the damn palette! -__- But I'm sooo happy with it!

  2. I've been eying the brush sets and planning to order but my last to international orders have been missing for a long while so I'm weary of ordering. But if you are ordering and need someone to split shipping I'm totally game. Mail me at indianbeautycentral@gmail.com and lets plan a nice haul! :D

  3. WOW thanks for the heads up, I think I'll get the 32 lip palette, have been eyeing it for a while. And international shipping charges suck!

  4. SD..I want the warm n ultra shimmer palette.. but i live in mumbai..
    will u be able to send it to me to mumbai?

  5. I am placing an order today around 6 PM IST.

    In case anyone else want to join in, let me know :D

  6. If you want to order again then i will be willing to split the shipping cost. I also live in Kolkata


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  8. hey! just a quick question-in how much time did you finally receive your order? My order got dispatched more than 2 weeks back and i still dont have any clue as to where it is or might be :(


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