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Apr 28, 2012

Confession - I do not drink Tea. Never. And I might NEVER drink it.

It all started when I was 2 year old and super delighted with the small white china cups from which Mom-Dad used to had their Tea. Well I also wanted to sip from those little cups like they did but Ma realized it was too hot for me. Instead she told me - Its very hot so you will burn your skin. I guess I loved to take care of my skin from then and I never even asked to for tea even as I wanted to have to cups...later Dad allowed to play with those cups but only under supervision so that I do not hurt myself or break them!

Those words are so etched on my mind that I never even thought of drinking tea again. Well it has its own benefits - I do not need a tea to wake me up, I can jump, run, play even in the evening without a cup of tea and I never complain that I have headache because I skipped my particular-time tea! BTW my whole family is addicted to tea. When the whole family is together - Tea is brewing in a pot 24x7! And yes, I also get those looks from my cousins now - How are you alive without tea? You do not have a Mojo!

Now last year around October, I was in a hunt of the dupe of L`Occitane en Provence Cherry Blossom. In fact a person who could dupe it for me! Anyways, I asked one shopkeeper about cleaner smells and he showed me Elizabeth Arden Green Tea! My nose has stopped working by then after trying so many perfumes. I was with my mom (who BTW is herself a Tea addict) and so, I asked her and she was all like Yes! Yes! Buy this! (Later I found it was because she was missing her 4 pm tea!) Luckily, I got this because whenever I apply this everyone in my home is like - Is someone making some special kind of tea? Who is making green tea? Yummm and all come to peek in the kitchen!! Even my Dad once commented about the smell (when he had already checked in that no one was making Tea) - Is it something you applied? I thought someone is making Tea for me! It smells soo good!

Yes...pure Tea addicts!

Anyway, thought I might never drink tea, I got addicted to the smell of the Elizabeth Arden Green Tea but it does not last long. I wanted a new smell for summer as I bored with cocoa butter smell by now. So, recently end up buying a lot of stuff with the same smell for layering. Ohhh yes! Its working so far. Each day last week I was using EA Green Tea and Fab India Body Lotion - I could smell green tea even after 6 hours!

What I have currently that smells like Green Tea

EDT & Solid Perfume

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea (I got it for 1000INR but it retails around 1900 INR in India)
L`Occitane en Provence The Vert- Got it for 600INR. MedPlusBeauty has recently started selling L`Occitane online. So instead of buying L`Occitane from their website which has a minimum if 3000 for free shipping, you can buy from here 

Face Packs/Masks/Peel Offs 

Montagne Jeunesse Green Tea Peel Off 
Purederm Vitalizing Green Tea Pack
Niju Green Tea Essence Mask - Will be trying a essence mask for the first time.
Vedic Line Alpha Whiting Pack with Volcanic Clay and Green Tea - I do not expect a whiting thing as in India, you want it or not, most of the stuff are sold with that tag. I got it for Green Tea smell. Using it every day for last 2 weeks and loving it!

Bath and Body

Fab India Green Tea Body Lotion - Very light and nice for summers. 

Aloe Veda Bathing Bar with Green Tea Extracts - Right after I post this, I am going to use it! :D 

Hip Hop Waxing strips in Green Tea - I recently realized how cost-effective these are if you have light hair growth on your body. They are found only online.

I am pretty sure there are more stuffs that smells like Green Tea but then neither I am fining anything with the packing/unpacking nor I remember anything more.

Let me know if you want to see the review of anything mentioned here.

BTW are you also addicted to Tea?


  1. Where did you get the perfume for Rs 1000? I plan to buy it too. That is quite a bargain.

  2. Addicted to tea since past 7 yrs- can't wake up and feel groggy whole day if I don't get my morning cuppa!

  3. I love green tea! :D I drink a cup every after dinner :)

  4. Thats a whole lot of green tea products :) :)

  5. over dose of green tea :) for me,its tea tree oil but not liking the smell,only for skin care products though :)

  6. Suddenly, green tea is all over the place! Just a couple o' days ago I was marvelling at the number of products (cleansers, creams, etc) that spoke of green tea. Sounds like a perfect summer scent :-)

  7. Hmm I'm seeing a lot of green tea everywhere too. Would love to see reviews of these. I don't drink tea either, it makes me queasy. Nice blog! Following it! xoxo

  8. ha ha dat was a fun read :-)but i belong to the tea addicts club-green tea,black tea,any tea n il gulp it first ever perfume was a fresh scent-Te Verde by Adolfo Dominguez n its the only perfume i've repurchased...try it,u mite like it too...n btw my olfactory senses never took a liking to EA Green Tea or their 5th avenue either.....

    1. thanks for the suggestion dear...will def try it out soon

  9. WOW thanks for leaving this link! Now I have to check out that EA Perfume & FabIndia Lotion. The waxing strips look interesting too! :)



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