Sweet And Bitter Blog's 100th Post

Apr 22, 2012


And here is my 100th Post!! Really happy and thanks to you all who read this blog. Without your comments and love I would have not reached here.

I was worried for what should I put in my 100th post. Many thought came to mind but nothing seemed interesting and 'ME' to me. Around 11:30 last night, I idea of doing a post with all the things that I love to use came to my mind.

Stuffs used here are the ones which I love and could fit into this. There are many things are could not be included because of their size. Anyways, you can read about them by clicking on the links.

1. Bourjois Paris Healthy Balance Unifying Powder 53 Light Beige - Love it for the packing but not used much.

2. Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow & Liner N*de Eyes - Survived an entire February on this and can survive more months with this.

3. NYX Carribean Collection I Dream of St. Lucia Eyeshadow Palette - My answer to bright eye shadow colors as I do not have 88 or 120 palette. I used the green in this in the Divo Event.

4. Burts Bee Beeswax Lip Balm - Best lip care product ever. Another thing after The Body Shop Scrub that I am afraid of finishing. I do not use it daily but whenever I have dry/chapped lips, this has ALWAYS worked!

5. Bourjois Healthy Mix - My one and only liquid foundation. No competition here! :)

6. Bourjois Delice de Poudre Highlighting Powder - Don't you like white chocolate?

7. Bourjois Paris Sweet Kiss Lipstick in 81 Rose Folk - The only light pink that suited me perfectly.

8. Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick 065 Hooked on Pink - The lipgloss of this shade is more loved than the lipstick. I am not a lipgloss person so love this instead.

9. Chambor Flowing Lipstick in Innocent Rose - The stay is very long for the formula but this is the only shade that I can use in the range. Other are very dark and mauvish

10. ColorBar I Glide Jaded - Favorite green eyeliner. Period.

11. NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk - I do not fear less pigmented eyeshadows anymore because of this.

12. Bourjois Paris Volume Glamour Max Definition Mascara in 51 Max Black - Perfect brush for my sparse eye lashes.

13. Colorbar Mystic Collection Nailpolish 93 Moss Agate - This is still not found in most of the stores. I love the vintagy feel in this color. Used in the Vintage Rose Nail Art.

14. The Body Shop Nail Buffer - I thought I could retire it after I got the DIVO nail buffer but I was wrong. I am in love with this and might repurchase this my whole life.

15. Physicians Formula Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Blush Rose - Say no to its looks! I dare u! The stay is less on me but then its soo pretty.

16. Maxfactor Elixer Lipstick Pink Brandy - Super awesome! Thinking of getting other from this range.

17. Colorbar Crackle in Black  - The only branded crackle launched so far. They also have it in Red and silver but I saw them in the Saket store only.

18. Flomour Nail Enamel in 424 - Love the mint color. Used for one of the monsters in the Pacman Nail art.

19. VOV Express Finish Nail Lacquer - I liked it for the fast dry and long stay formula but I added this to the love list yesterday when I felt its almost same like one of the nail colors in the MAC Shop Cook collection.

20. Maybelline Chai Latte - My first eyeshadow palette that I got after reading about this in Tanveer's blog. This is really versatile and perfect for a beginner  I use it as shadow and also at times as brow powder. sad part is it is discontinued now!

21. NYX Super Funk - Used it in the first Mani of the year.

22. Colorbar Orange Mimosa - If you are worried that orange nail polish make your hands look dark then try this. I have to repurchase it now. Used Here and Pacman nail art.

23. Maybelline Coral Pink - I loved the color and still do but FDA has listed it as one of the lipsticks with very high hazourdaous chemicals in it.

24. Faces Canada Tweezer in Pink with Rinestones

25. Maybelline Colorama Beige Natural - You can take away all my nail colors but not this!

26. NARS 19 Brush (Fake from ebay) - I do not care if it is Fake or not. I love it because it works perfectly.

27. Bourjois Baked Blushes Cendre de Rose Brune 48 - The oldest blush from history.

28. Bourjois Baked Blushes Lilas D'or 33 - The so-called-dupe-of-Nars-orgasm.

PS: This idea is kind of stolen from my boy. 5 year back when we were really shy to express our emotion to each other, he made this with all the stuffs that he had when he came to meet me.

Adorable. Isn't it?


  1. Heehee! So cute! Congratulations sweety! *hugs*

  2. congrats dear...keep rocking !! and nice idea too..

  3. Awwww that is sooooo cute! Congrats sweetie! I love the 2nd pic its wayyy cute!

  4. aww so sweet :D

    and congrats on ur 100th post!! best wishes to you :)

  5. hahhahaaaa ur guy is very cute, see how intelligently yet wid simplicity, he told u abt his feelings (i knw dats y u were impressed pretty gal)!!
    Congos on 100th post!!!
    God bless

  6. Congrats! And ur 100 th post representation is so sweet!

  7. congrats dear...all the above listed products are very good and i own few of them too,would like to check out physician's formula ones.
    p.s.so sweet of ur bf,really cute idea :)aww..

  8. Thank you all for your sweet and heart-felt comments. You are the ones who keeps me going! Please continue to shower your love the way you have done so far ^.^

  9. Hey I was going through your blog and I checked all your posts. Took me a lot of time but I did. And I must say that you are doing a great job. I loved your nail art posts and also your photographs. So sweet and simple. Love love love your blog. Keep going girl and all the best.


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