Store Visit - Kryolan Delhi Store

Apr 13, 2012

After a loooooooong wait, Kryolan opened its flagship store and that to in saddi Delhi and that too in Lajpat Nagar. Me and my friend visited Lajpat last Saturday ( yes, running very late in blog posts...sooooo many posts are in draft :D).

First, we went to Lajpat IV for a parlor named Style Villa which BTW I loved and then to Lajpat II for Kryolan store. My dear friend who wanted to buy some makeup stuffs (yes, it happened again. Last one that happened with another girl is HERE). We decided to visit this place as we know how Kryolan is favored by the makeup artist.

The store is a big enough and the first question I asked the SA - Do u also have nail polish? And she said NO. I kinda lost all my enthu is that moment itself. But, she showed my many other stuff.

The Dermacolor Camouflage System

Another of their foundation/concealer range. They also have the HD one which is used basically for videos.

False Eyelashes

Somewhat reminded me of Inglot Stores.


The feeling of Inglot Store got even more intense now. Will it be difficult to find YOUR shade in this range of about 144 lipsticks? 

On top of it they are for just 250INR! 

(Click on the pic for an Enlarged version)

15 Blush Palette

In real those colors looked very loud for my use. The 5 one was good but then I already had similar colors or didn't wanted those colors. Wish they had the system of custom palettes. You can buy singles (for around 450INR as much as I can remember) but those cannot be depotted to be used in palettes and the empty palettes are also not sold by them.

I thought of trying some lip palettes but they were too dull for me..

Eyeliners, Lipliners and Brushes

I liked the brushes. Just like their other products, they are priced very nicely.

I tried swatching them but felt they were too hard for me. It might be because or the AC or something that the testers were too dried up. They also have something like NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk (swatched on the back of my hand).

The Famous Aqua Colors of Kryolan

They also had some makeup books in the store. Most of them were of Kryolan.

They also had copy of Makeup is Art which I badly want! (Someone please gift me that! ) The SA was not aware from where they got it! In case you are surprised by all those crazy makeup then i should tell you simething - Kryolanwas originally menat for theaterical makeups.

A page from Makeup is Art.

And coming to the reason why we went there - the makeup stuff!

Me, my dear friend, the SA peeking from behind and the MUA Avik setting up all his tools.
And No I am not putting any before after pics of her here.
She might even kill me if she finds I have posted this.
PS - If I do not post/reply for long then do check back if I am alive or not :D

The MUA there (his name is Avik) is really a very hard working person and very nice to talk with. Extremly helpful and nice to talk with. Now my friend has big pores and she wanted to hide the pores without heavy makeup and looking natural. To be very frank that's a BIG demand. To hide the pores u need heavy coverage ones and they look a bit unnatural to a person who never wears them!

Avik tried around 3 types of products - I do not even remember but as far as I can first was some mousse kind of stuff, them a liquid one and finally the HD one. She liked the HD one but was not 100% confident. While settling the bills we found that the HD foundation was 2200 INR! I could not believe that Kryolan was sooo costly! I told her to think for sometime before buying because it makes little sense to invest soo much for a beginner who will hardly use them! I only asked her to get the HD concealor (350 INR). On our way back we really felt bad but to frank why should she invest sooo much for something that she will very rarely use? She don't even know the applying techniques! BTW when she reached home, she looked at her face under all types of lights and she LOVED it! But now she think we should look at Bourjois Healthy Mix or something else.

About the Store

The store is BIG. Like really BIG. They have everything from Kryolan that I was aware of and also the ones I was not aware of *wink* The store has recently opened up so there are still some organizing to be done.

What could be better.

1. The SA was not fully aware of all the products and the price. She told me the remover was for 250 INR and while billing I found it was for INR 800. Will u be able to buy something which I told u is for 250 and then say No its 800? Also there were few brushes and she was not even aware what are they for!!!

2. The numbering if you look at is odd. They have numbers like TC1, LF01 etc. I asked what they mean so that we can be careful while choosing a shade (like the eye shadows in Inglot DS, S etc) but they said its NOT for u and only for the professionals! Hello! When was the last time a person asked a professional to choose her blush or lipstick? We haul these stuffs like crazy!!

What I did I got

2 brushes and a brush cleaner. The brushes are nice and even cheaper than Vega ones! Do try them at the store.

How to got there?

Address is A7 Lajpat Nagar II. But this is a more suitable for a post man or a courier boy. Let me tell you how to really get there - The place is quite near to the Lajpat Metro stop. When you get down from the metro to the side of Lajpat Market, walk straight and keep an eye on your left side for the Kryolan Board. Or take a hand pulled rickshaw as its will be too sunny to walk in few days and ask him to take you to A block and keep an eye on the left. Its not inside the Central Market.

Planning any visits there?

(Please note that I am not a seller so, please do not mail be about Kryolan products)


  1. I also wanna visit this Krayolan store... what an amazing news :) ,.... I too got a call from Akshita but my in-laws are not in town and I didn't want to carry my 5 months old girl :| bad timings :( I too wanted to go

    1. hey do visit the store.....and more sob sob that I could not go because I had my office at that :(...which it happened on weekend :(

  2. looks awesome! will definitely plan a visit next weekend.SN tomorrow for me. YAY its the weekend!

  3. Reminds me I need to visit Kryolan in mumbai to jus browse by to see if something tempts me

  4. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttttttt??? kryolan at lajpat nagar!!!!??????? yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee i am going to lootofy dem
    thnxxxxxxx for the info

  5. OMG I so wanted someone to do a post on visit to newly opened Kryolan store ! I'm so thankful that you did the post .. Can you tell me the price of that 15 pan blush palette ?

    1. I have no idea dear....I didn't asked her....the 5 one is for 1000.

  6. yay...thanx for this post...i so wanna check out this place!!!

  7. hey I was there at kryolan that day .... when you are clicking pics I told my mom she must be a blogger :P
    I follow your blog on a regular.
    Post is very nice :)

    1. he he...ur might must have thought what a crazy lady :D
      i think u were already there when we came.....hae nah?

  8. :) Loved reading the entire post :) I would love to buy few brushes and a concealer from Kryolan

  9. Thank You for doing such a lovely post! I felt like I was in the store itself while reading this post ^_^. I saved this address and definitely visit the store next month or so for the make up brushes and the lipsticks! Can you please do a review on the make up brushes?


    1. the brushes are under trial but I am really loving them so far xD

  10. lovely post...i am regular visitor of Kryolan store in Mumbai these days and those cheap brushes are as good or sometimes even better than MAC ones...Lovely


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