Store Visit : Faces Canada in Pacific Mall, Delhi

Apr 5, 2012

Smiling SA in her world of Cosmetics ^_^

I am feeling very lazy today maybe because of the sun and Noida getting all warmed up or maybe because I am still in my jammies. I am at home today which only means - PHOTO TIME but then I even not feeling like picking up the camera.( If I click without my heart, you will know it and I will tell you in this post how). I looked at my documents and realized the tons of pics that are to be published - each saying - PICK ME PICK ME! But then many needs a good description and some does not. I finally found these which I clicked when I found the FACES CANADA store in Pacific Mall.

FACES CANADA Nail polish collection – I picked one from these (well that one is missing now in the pic :D)

The Lipgloss (never been a fan), lipsticks (got one) and the brushes (have those which I wanted).

I never knew they had a skincare range!

I wanted to buy their cream blushes online but luckily I tried them in the store – it turned out to be a all sparkle! And so, NO WAY!

What I got - A lippie and a polish (the only pic in the post that was clicked today) - the lippie is looking too red in there and see the black casing is also not looking clean (I tried to make it look better in Picasa and made it look more RED) - told u nah - u can always guess if I am in the mood to CLICK!

I have never brought any cosmetics from Faces (I have their tweezer and brushes) as their store in those multi-brand outlets are deserted.

The case is same with Colorbar. Have I not discovered their store in Saket, I would have not loved them like I do now. The mystic collection that I talked HERE are still to be found at other places and also those OPI types nail polishes.

Do you also feel that these flagship stores are a benefit for the brand?

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  1. The Delhi store seems to be more well stocked than the Mumbai one in Phoenix Mills, I went there a month or so ago and everything I asked for or tested was out of stock. :( What a jip. So I had only picked up some polishes and an eyeshadow primer. It really kills the shopping mood when half the shop is missing. -__-


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