Giveaway Time - Sleek Pixie Pink and In Your Dreams!

Apr 6, 2012

Organizing a giveaway is fun! So I am doing it again.

This time it is the

Sleek Blush
Pixie Pink !

There is also a Sleek mini lipgloss in In Your Dreams which I forgot to put in the pic!!

Last day to enter the blog is on 15th May '12, 11:59 GMT. Winner will be declared on 19th May '12. (Personally, both are very special days for me)

Rules to Enter (almost like the last one!)

You must be 18+ and have a address in India where I can send this.
There is some issue with the courier until it gets better it’s INDIA ONLY giveaway.

What should I do to win this?
Fill the Rafflecopter! (I personally hate it but let’s give it a try for once :D)
There are 2 mandatory points and 3 optional.

You can use the pic for sidebars and blog while entering in the Rafflecopter.
a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Giveaway ends on: 15th May '12, Winner will be declared on 19th Mar '12?????
    How will u go back in time?? :p

  2. dont have a blog hope this doesnt effect my chance of winning :)

    1. Dear Bha, winner will be selected by Random.Org so its all random :D..having a blog or not does not matter.
      If you are thinking about the 4 entries that bloggers get then do not worry as u can still have 12 entries!

  3. Hi done and hope to win though I do not have blog....

  4. Hi done and hope to win though I do not have blog.... I am Meenakshi Kapur

  5. Done that ...waiting desperately for the sleek win! lyk seriously serious :D <3

  6. so what do we have to do ? :D

  7. waiting waiting waiting for the resultsss!!!

    So hope to win :D :D

  8. Thnx dear....Can't believe I won! ..... :) Yahoooo!!! so excited..emailing u


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