First Giveaway Won + Store Visit - Kiehls, Delhi

Apr 25, 2012

Kiehl's Store india

Remember few days back when everyone was having Keihls only Delhi and Mumbai Giveaway! Well I entered in all of them and it turned out that I finally won! Thanks to Ankita from Corallista because of whom I got a voucher from Keihls for a Delux sample of CCC and a skin consultation!

Those people where sweet enough to even give me a Keihls Lip Balm additionally….yes the one Kathrina swears by according to PEOPLE, July 2011...around the Sheela Ki Jawani times.

BTW the pics also shows her with a Pantene which I doubt she has ever used  though she comes in that  Pantene Ad. Source

Pics from the Store....

The cute people from the store! Thanks to all :D..specially Jenny (the one at far left)

During the skin consultation she asked what I do to take care of my skin and then I thought how can I explain her that I never use face wash or a toner because I used a haldi-chandan-besan-etc homemade pack which cleans and tones my skin for the past 15 years! So, I told her I do not use any face wash and toner and she almost got a mild heart attract. She forced to follow the complete CTM ritual on the back of my hand. To be frank I liked the toner because it was very milky/creamy and did not sting. I was not sure if I will actually use it if I buy so she gave me sample for the same and also for the foaming cleanser and a moisturizer for dry skin for better results.

And ohh BTW if you felt that the DELUX Sample is BIG then I do not know how to break your heart and say this but in simple words – it isn’t! It’s small!

Soo small that when she gave me I said – ohh this is soo small! How can a deluxe sample be soo small? 

Maybe that’s why she gave me the lip balm as well but I was still in shock with the size and said – Sooo small? It was big in the pics I saw! 

And then she did what Ranveer does in that Idli Ad – Its so small because the pictures were taken close to the products! I know you are laughing at me right now! But I was sad because I went all the way by auto, changing metro (13 stops in blue line and then 14 stops in yellow line) and then again by auto just for THIS! 

Maybe that frustration is what resulted into the Colorbar Haul!

But anyways I am ^.^ happy ^.^ now because 

A. This is the first giveaway that I won! Yippeee

B. I also got that Lip Balm for I-do-know-why as it was not supposed to be given to me. Now as I have calmed down from why-soo-small-attack, I can enjoy the fact that I got a lip balm as well.

Ohhh and BTW, in case you are still wondering about Idli ad, then here it is –

Seriously restaurants are something from which you can depict anything! Anything as long as your mind is active… I wish I was in advertising industry…tch tch tch..


  1. the coupon is valid until 30th only and if the kit is so small so i guess i shldnt tk the headache of going there in rush... as i have some other plans too..

  2. @Dimpal - yup! its makes no sense to go there from Indrapuram taking so much pain...carry on with ur own plans..

  3. Too bad... sometimes I wonder why these people even bother to make such samples :) anyways you won and I guess thats a great feeling in itself :)

  4. Aww me feeling soo sad :( but they shout from the roof tops about the free samples they give :s

  5. Awww thats not fair! that sample size IS small! :/

    the coupon is only valid till the 30th?ouch! Shayoni tell us about the actual skin consultation hun.or was it a very basic one??

    1. BTW Congrats on your 1st win!! hope you have many more!

  6. Lol..these brands give us such false hopes..*Free Samples*..same happened with me for Inglot...I thought I would get a bunch of products but got an eyeshadow only (though it compensated for the price)and I had to go far to collect it! :P

    But, Congrats on ur first win..there would be many don't lose hope :)

  7. Too bad u had to go thru all that just to get teensy weensy samples :-( yet i can't help but notice how charming the store looks! I'd probably just stand there for hours n gaze away......

  8. Congrats on winning the Giveaway! Sorry about the sample size but, look at the brighter side you get to try 5 really good products of a high end brand and get to know if it works for you! Cheer up Hun your trip was worth it- remember your Colorbar Haul :D

  9. Congrats on winning. Sorry about the samples though ....

  10. @Purvi - I am happy that they atleast have samples. I wonder how TBS goes without any samples. I really want to try their Peppermint range but they do not have any samples. How am I supposed to try something for my foot in the store?

    @Shalini - Yup....they should have given a bit bigger one if they are putting it in a giveaway! They could have done it by having fewer bloggers doing it or less number of winners

    @Ankita - The skin consultation was noting very special. She put two stip - one on my cheek and another on my forehead and said - Ur skin type is Dry....well this is something I know before I knew how to write my name!

    @Pooja - only one eyeshadow? what was the compesation?

    @Nafisa - yes the store is really nice. So I felt like clciking and sharing with u. Glad you liked it.

    @IBC - yessss...Colorbar Haul!! I have to go to Saket from Vasant Kunj for that...Anyways I am more happy that I got that Lip Balm...boy is a big fan of Kathrina *wink*

    @BB - Thanks :-*

  11. thanks for the honest review..means a even i am reconsidering going coz i'll have to go all the way from noida..i just received bhumika's from "new-love makeup" regular voucher..i won a premium too..did not get that :( esp. as the expiry date of the voucher is 30th!!!i am wondering if they will give me 3 samples coz i won three giveaways (2 regular & 1 premium) hahaha..still is it worth it???

  12. I LOVE D LIP BALM THO....:)
    i got lotsaaaaa samples :p
    n plus i loveeee d products.
    they mk my skin sooooo soft!!!

    my review here

  13. aaah!!! that must have been so irritating na....I am just wondering what a normal sample would be if that's the deluxe :D I didn't yet receive my vouchers so lets see.


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