Finally Posting!!! - The Versatile Blog Awards

Apr 17, 2012

On 28th December 2011 when my blog was not even a month old, sweet Samyukta and  nail art addict Suhani awarded this blog - Versatile Blog Award.

Edited from Link

  1. Thanks the person who nominated me and give them a shout out
  2. Pass on the award to 15 bloggers
  3. State 7 Random facts about your self

I was really very happy but my concern was - 15 new blogger? Everyone I knew had already received that more than twice! Is it fair to give them the award again when I can give it to the other bloggers to boast their morale?

So, on 31st when it clicked me that I will do a giveaway...well the Christmas mood still there....I asked for new bloggers to leave their blog links and so they did :) I am giving away the award to all the new bloggers whom I appreciate.

15 New Bloggers (Anyone with less than 100 posts or followers)

1. Jyotsna of Beauty and Makeup Studio - I might sound very selfish but hers was the first time I saw my blog on a blog's blog roll. Ohhhhh the happiness...but she has also tagged me for 7 Deadly Sins of Beauty.

2. Kéty of Nyuffika - The blog is not in English but I visit it for clicks awesome pics! Check out NOTDS and OOTDs. This girl has a long way to go. Love the cute bow cursor.

3. Sangeetha D'souza of StyleByEvaDiva - Adore her DYI ideas. She is the one who is encouraging me each day to learn stitching. BTW she has a very innocent smile.

4. Nupur at nupur creatives - Another DYI queen or should I say Quilling Queen. I discovered her in Srish's blog and she inspired me to make a Birthday Box for my sister (her birthday was before her Maths Board Exams so celebrations were complete NO).

5. SkullsBonesAndLoveOfFashion at Skull Bones And Love Of Fashion - She just touched 100 follows with less than 100 posts. Fan of some of her nail arts.

6. Apurva at Kalapalette - I wish she could teach me how to edit photos. I hope u like what I click and I wish she teaches me! I have lost count of the time I have spent looking at her blog pics.

7. Erica of PurplesnPinks - Love her blog and views but just wish she posts more often :D

8. Shopoholic Etc at I love shopping - A true versatile blog! Her posts are improving each day.

9. Ankita Mittal at Annalicious You!! - A delhi girl who loves to shop! Watch that bird cage in her blog, a nail art inspired from that will come up any time here.

10. Aakriti at Beauty Gossips - Nice clicks and sweet words.

11. Nisha at Beauty and the Cheap - This girl is super awesome to talk with. Have a very clean heart and in true words (hoping she likes it when she reads)- Le Versatile Blogger!

12. Shaily Khera of Confessionz Of a Closet - A bubbly Delhi fashion blogger with always something unexpected!

13. Puja Malhotra at Cute nails - She is a trained nail artist - Do I even have to mention anything else to prove that I like her blog?

14. Nyt of Metajojuana - An extremely girls and cute blog.

15. CookDoKoo of CookDoKoo - Lots of images and very cozy blog.

State 7 Random facts about your self

1. I always had friends who are guys much much more than friends who are girls so you will find me alone shopping in the weekends as I do not like torturing guys on the color and cuts. As a result I love to shop only alone

2. I am thinking of changing this now so an offer of shopping together will always be replied with a yes.

3. I am more addicted to online shopping (most things other than cloths) than physical shopping  maybe because I am super lazy. Every time you will find at least one tab in my browser with an online shop website!

4. I hardly buy hair care or skincare stuffs without going thought the ingredients list. If that is missing then certainly its not going into my cart. Because online shops do not have ingredients listed, I refer to other blogs or skip the item, go to a mart to check that item and then buy after coming back to home.

5. I have to thing for couriers. Maybe it was because the initial 4 years of my love life was a long distance one. Couriers always makes me feel special. Because we live  in the same city now and parcels do not make sense, I make the online shops do the job. Love when the mail room guys mails me - We have received your documents (he refers even huge cartoons as documents!)

6. For stuffs other than skincare, makeup, etc I am very particular about from where I am getting the stuff. When I wanted a particular HIDESIGN wallet, my boy was forced to visit the main showroom in Pondicherry where it is manufactured! There are several other stories but I think I must skip them otherwise you will be sure that I am crazy.

7. After travelling so much and moving around so much (I shifted again this Saturday!), I have started to fear if I will ever have a permanent home for myself!

Hope you liked the random facts :D

And the people who received the award are happy :D


  1. Thanks for encouraging me......this means lot to me...:D

  2. Aww! Thank you so much! This is so sweet. :3 *hugs*

  3. Awwww Thanks a ton!!! And I'm hosting my first giveaway.. Its not great but i found it cute !! Hope you participate :)

  4. Awwwwie! Thank you for the encouragement Shayoni. yay my 1st award!
    ur so right abt the shopping alone part.If I go with someone I always feel that I might be wasting their time so if I have to shop, I go alone specially for beauty products and books :)

  5. Omg My 1st ever award....Thank you so so soooooo much. I feel so special all of a sudden. You are a darling :*

    Hahahahahaha I am glad you like my edited pics.... :D Needs to put in lot of efforts to collect stuff and bring them into one outfit .... but in the end my efforts don't go in vain.YAY ^_^

    Well I always love company while shopping, but no matter I am a girl and I love shopping, I cannot stick to just one place and stare at the collection....I get bored :|

    Even I have a thing for couriers, I just love receiving parcels, I think we should start some courier exchange service :p

    And yeah I hope you get settled to a permanent home asap...My best wishes with you :*

    I am totally in love with this generosity and it has made my day...TRUST ME ON THAT ;)

    Tons of Love coming your way <3 <3 <3 <3

  6. I am soooooo Happy SD! this is my 1st award n really honoured to get this from u.
    Thank u! I know I shud pay attention to purplesnpinks more. Actually i m so occupied with my Fulltime job n Wiseshe that I hardly get anytime for my Blog!
    But u really encouraged me more by giving this Award. I thought hardly any1 visit my blog.. But thanks to u.. Now every1 will surely notice me.. I am going to write more n more now just coz of U..Loveya! God bless! <3 :* *huggies* :D

  7. yay!!!! my first award .....
    i ve been really busyyyy.. with shifting to new place and tryint to get net connection... i'll start blogging agn frm end of this month. fingers crossed.
    and ty ty sweety

  8. THANKYU sooo much for my first blog award ! really means comin from you :) :)

    And i'm so glad you feel thats its improving and also that you appreciate it..very encouraging !.. <3 <3 mwah !

  9. my first blog award .. hehe
    i'm soooo habby ^^)
    Thank you ♥

  10. hey i know i am sooo late in Thanking you.... :D

    but Thanks a lot.. its my first Blog award... and it feels very very special...... :) :) :)

  11. That was quite an implicit peek into your shopping favourites....:) :) :)
    Congrats on such a lovely award....:D

  12. Love ur initiatives and ur blog...

    pls do chk mine


    Sandeep Verma


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