Bourjois Paris - Flower Perfection Collection - Powder Brush - Review

Apr 2, 2012

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When I saw the Bourjois Flower Perfection range first time online, I felt I have to have something from this range!

About the Range 

Bourjois has created Flower Perfection, its first range of youth extending make-up, with wild azalea extract. The range features 4 new products to beautify the complexion for a professional result. Flower Perfection Youth Extention Foundation makes skin smoother, evens hides blemishes. The fine texture has a lightweight feel and softens your skin. Flower Perfection Translucent Smoothing Primer is beautifying make-up base with correcting airbrush action. Flower Perfection Loose Powder is to be used alone for a perfectly smooth complexion, or on top of the Flower Perfection Youth Extention Foundation for the final beautifying touch

When I saw the foundation I realized that it make no sense for me to buy another foundation when the old one is just 10% over even after about 8 months. Also the sponge in it was not as tempting as it looks in the pics. They were not having the primer (I do tested it there. If you are into primers then do have a look. Its nice.) Loose powder is also not for me so I was left with the only thing in the range – The Powder brush

As I was still adamant that I have to have something from the range I got the brush. I was thinking of getting a nice brush for liquid foundation (which btw I used to apply by tapping motion using fingers) and the fight was between MAC and CS stripping brush. This brush was meant only for powder but I tried it for liquid foundation and I was really happy with the results in the store and so I got this.

Here is the brush used for my Healthy Mix on my arm. It was a smooth application and foundation was applied very nicely. Mind it that it is actually for powder makeup.

Sweet Points

1. Looks – It’s a fluffy white brush with a pale pink body. Its really cute and there is not doubt about it.

2. Usage – It markets as ‘powder’ brush but it is very nice even for liquid foundation

3. Price – 495 INR is a OK price for brushes unless you order brushes from EBay HK sellers (I will tell u about them soon)

Bitter Points

1. After it touched the foundation once, I am not able to get back the fairy white color back

2. It shreds. It shreds like an infected fur animal….eeekkkkss. 

Will I recommend? Maybe not - just for the shredding part. I just hope that it stops shredding some point of time. Other than that I really liked it.  

Brushes are more like investments, so better get the nice ones (depending on how much you can spend) in the first go itself.

PS: DO check back once next week when I share about the HK brushes.


  1. em eyeing foundation brush from Vega professional or Faces since long bt too lazy to try out :O

  2. sheds like infected animal ... eeksss hahahahahahahaha

  3. I would suggest The Body Shop's make up brushes. Good quality for the money you pay for it. I own the powder brush from TBS. Pretty good stuff ^_^.

  4. not a good one if it sheds...waiting for your hk brushes post :)


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