Vintage Roses Nail Art with Tutorial

Mar 3, 2012

Vintage Roses Nail Art with Tutorial
Vintage Roses Nail Art with Tutorial

Hello, Dear....I here again with a new nail art with a tutorial. Hope you like it... :D

I have told this so many time how plain nail polishes bore me. This February I spent almost by wearing one single color Moss Agate because I was not carrying any polishes with me in Andaman and lucky for me the polish did not chip much. As I am still in Kolkata with very few nail polishes, I ended up using whatever I had to create this nail art.

Vintage Roses Nail Art with Tutorial

Polishes Used

Base - Beige Natural talked about HERE
Leaf - Moss Agate mentioned HERE
Roses - Colorbar Autumn Rose and then this and Colorama Vinho Reserva mixed to get the other darker color for the roses.

Note that there is no base coat or top coat as I do not have any. The texture might look non-smooth.

Well, there was another reason too for no nail arts - I broke my left thumb nail up to the nail bed and hence no nail arts after the Pacman Nail Art. So my thumb was missing even in the Pink Polishes post. So here introducing the thumb after a month of recovery.. :X

How to make vintage roses - 

Take any pastel shade for the base. If you do not have pastel, then you can buy one as they are going to THE thing this summer. But, if you do not have pastel and do not want to buy another one like my condition as this moment you can use any light or n*de polish.

Make dots with a bright pink color. I choose Colorbar Autumn Rose here. Do not make circles but keep it bit irregular. Then take a darker color. I wanted to use maroon or red, but as I was not having any, I mixed Colorbar Autumn Rose and Colorama Vinho Reserva to draw the petals. For small roses just draw three arcs around the dots. For bigger roses, you can make five arcs and then more inward with 3 and then a dot in the middle. You can also a different way...check out the last rose in the following pic. Try not me make clean arcs to make it look more natural. The Moss Agate which is luckily the most vintage green that I own and the only green that I have now so used it to make look leaves. You can either make like shark fins or just two small lines.

The inspiration??? It was a skirt that I got recently. It has roses and has a beautiful lace.

I could not photograph it well. The color hasn't shown here properly so check out the background in the pics with my nails.

Did you like this?


  1. my first comment on your blog,i really liked this one...floral designs are my fav...!

  2. this is lovely.. and original :) just subscribed to ur blog posts.. loved ur writing style.. unique :)

  3. Ohh My..This lovely...I m sure to try this!!! I am new at this but have an ocean full of passion for nail art!!!! I can relate when u say "I hate nude Nails"


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