A trip to Vardhaan Market, A Shop named 'Lady Gaga' and My New Bag for Office

Mar 3, 2012

Vardhaan market is a shopping complex in Camac Street, Kolkata (really love how Kolkata has the English named streets). It is a three level shopping complex - basement. ground and first floor housing the best in cloths, night wears, bags, silverware and everything of latest trend. It primarily houses stuffs from Thailand and Bangkok. The quality of the stuffs can be trusted blind folded and the designs are also unique.

When I was in collage, Vardhaan market was my way to know the latest trends. The trend of wearing kurti with legging was first spotted by me there in 2008 summers. When I wore them in collage people who absolutely had no idea about this gave real stupid comments. 6 months later, I saw them wearing it and still people wear it that way. Vandhaan market was my source of getting the most IN trends without burning a whole in my pocket.

There is another reason too. I was raised in a complete multi-cultural environment when when I listen to people talking in the same language for a whole month, I get irritated to the code. As I am in Kolkata now and even in Andaman people talked only in Bengali, Vardhan market was my much needed dose of North India as the sellers and 90% customers are based from northern parts of the country.

Long story short,here is what I got. I was real short of money so could not get something really fashionable but I got these 3 tops for INR 1400.

Really loved the colors. I also loved the ruffles on the mustard top.

I also went to that shop from where I got my Palmer's stuffs and brought Si Flueri ETP (375 INR) and Deo (110 INR). I have already used the deo and people really liked it. So, when I saw it again I thought of buying both. Nothing interested me in his shop this time.

Notes in this perfume according to Basenotes.com

Top Notes
Rose, Jasmin, Tuberose 

Middle Notes
Muguet, Ylang-ylang, Pimento 

Base Notes
Sandalwood, Patchouli, Musk, Heliotrope

I also got VOV cotton pads from his shop.

I went to another shop searching for something and then the SA asked - "have you used the new foundation from Maybelline?" I thought maybe she is talking about the ones that the SA told in Delhi when I went to buy BB cream so, I asked her to show me. It turned out to be a BB cream!!

(To be frank, SAs in Makeup stores in Kolkata are super pathetic and least helpful. I salute all the beauty bloggers based in Kolkata and request them to give me tips on how to deal with them. Recently I walked into a Maybelline counter. As I just read about Blushing Brunette in Wiseshe, I asked her about it. She seemed so lost as if I was asking her to solve hermitian equation. When her mind returned from the flight around the world, she said - "Ohhhh...Blushing BURNET!" I could not talk to her a single more line and I would have slapped her if I was not inside the store monitored by a CCD camera. Only few companies take the pain of naming their products and the SAs do not even care memorizing them.)

Anyways, coming back to the present SA, I politely told her that as I am super tanned now I am not buying any foundations for me. And then show started showing me a range of products for removing tan. Now, this was still better so I felt I must get something for her supportive behavior. Lotus DeTan Face Mask was the only one with Zinc Oxide so I got it. I applied it last night and I think it is working.

Outside vardhaan market there are many things to eat. But whenever I got there I only eat Chilla. My mom super love it so we get them every time. Look at the mustaches of the man in white-orange stripped shirt...

The issue with Vardhaan now a days is that I do not find as good products as I used to earlier. At times the stores do not have anything from outside India or of very bad quality. I only go to fixed shops these days but them again as the market has gained popularity, the bargaining has become very less. The best thing to do is to visit this place in the daytime on weekdays when the crowd is less. Another thing to do this that many complexes have mushroomed around that place for eg only yesterday I spotted a new complex but then it was too late to start looking into it. But I saw a shop in which I could not resist getting into. The first thing I saw was the satchels. They were the best I have seen in a long time. And shoes? ahhhh the shoes......it was like a wonderland. No points for guessing but the store was named - Lady Gaga.

I was hunting for one from Accesorize but then it was not available anywhere. People who are near to me know how crazy I have become recently for that. But luckily I found this satchel for INR 1100. It is Coral and Taupe so the perfect combination of the most in colors this time.

Noticed how the chain color is different? I super liked it. Also the buttons on the sides to ensure proper shape when it is not filled with stuffs.
The only thing I did not liked was this was bit stiff and I wanted something bit slouchy. Anyways, this is going to be my office bag now.

And now the sad parts of the post. I mentioned about the shoes right. I discovered this awesome n*de pumps. Now my feet is a 5 but then it is thin. For flats its not at all an issue but for pumps and stilettos ...MAJOR problem. If I take a size small then I have to curl my toes in to fit and if I take my size then I have to use insoles and other stuffing. Accidentally, this did not worked for me even after the stuffing......so I could not buy this...*sob* *sob*

Want to know something even worse? I spotted a very nice satchel for just INR 450 (before bargains) and then I completely forgot about it. Today I saw it on the internet - it was the exact dupe of the following bag which is sold for $495!

I showed it to my mom and she said full with sarcasm - So when do I have to go with you again?

So, will you go with me? :D


  1. next time u go to vardaan mkt, plz take me with u..plz plz..
    and how much the VOV pad cost?

  2. hi!!can you tell whtether this shoe store is inside vardaan market or not?would be of great help if you tell me whre is it,if its near vardaan market.thanks

    1. The shoe store - LADY GAGA is outside Vardhan. Its on the Lords Sinha Road. From Vardhan Market walk toward BK market and then turn at Lord Singha. You will find the shop on your right.


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