Tress It Up - Hair Cuts for Face Steps + 4 Easy DIY Hairstyles

Mar 18, 2012

Thanks to Ruchika, Sonali, Bhavika & Imran, I could meet so many bloggers and also know so much in their recent event TRESS IT UP in Delhi. This is actually from the leaflets given to us in the Divo event. As it was organised by Divo and and they are the one who gave me these, I claim no ownership of the material.I have only clicked the pics and hence the watermark......

(PS: if they say I should remove them then I will remove them)

Types of Face Shapes

No face cannot be a perfect one from these 6 but any one slighting tending towards some other shape. So, decide by the chin and not the whole face in case of huge confusion. The hair cuts below are just a suggestion to bring best in your face and soften the edginess.

Suitable Hair Cuts for Each Face Shape

Easy Hairstyles

Remember to use heat protectors or at least hair serums before applying any heat to your hair! If you are using the serums them do not apply them directly on your hair but warm them up a bit in your hands to activate the serum and make it work more effectively. Start from tips and move toward the scalp. Personally I feel it should not be applied too near your scalp also.

If you using finishing sprays then make sure to do that at 15 cm distance from the hair and in the direction ogf the hair. If the distance is less then a chuck of the product will be at a place and later in the day you will find a uneven look. And consider them as makeup. Remove them after your day is finished to save your precious hair.

Imram recommended to use round brushes with ceramic coating. As my hair has strong curls he recommended the ones with a metal base. The metal ones absorb the heat and the blow will stay for longer. Initially we can start with using a flat paffle brush. After you gain confidence start with round ones. Keep twisting your brush as you move from scalp to tip to distribute the heat properly and avoid any damage.

If you want curls even for wavy hair then use L'Oréal Professionnel Tecni Art Full Volume Extra Mousse (white bottle in the pic below) for wet look and extra long stay of curls. Also, as it was used on Komal, I realized you do not get hard curls. The hair was soft to hold. Another option is to use  L'Oréal Professionnel Tecni Art Hair Mix Spiral Splendour Nutri-Control Cream Force 2 (the other brown one) to achieve Dry Curly Hair.

Imran who used to work for L'Oréal and now has his own hair studio in Mumbai.

Another Tip - I do not know how to say this but he told us that its better to cut to bangs a little longer so that you can play with them. Let them come and disturb you sight and put them side ways to show a different you. when You move and those hair disturbs your, that disturbance is what is liked by guys...whoooooaaaaaattttt!!!

Anyways it my responsibility to share. Let me know if you are attracting more eyes with those bangs :)

In case you need any more details, then let me know. Also, if you have any queries please mail or comment here and I try to get them answered.

The post with pics of blogger will come in shortly I do not want to so any injustice to the sweet ladies by putting ugly pics.
That post is done now. Read here.


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