NYX Eye Pencil 923 Electric Blue & 930 Teal Review, Swatch + Where to Buy

Mar 11, 2012

Happy Sunday Everyone..

I know I am doing a product review after a very long time....guilty! Anyways I got them from Stylecraze (read them here).

Description and Ingredients


In my words- 

On the good part, they are really very pigmented. Adore them for that. They are really long so will last for a long long time. The teal one makes my small eyes look a bit smaller if applied on the eyelids so I use it only on the waterline.

The blue one is very nice in color and will recomend even for people with darker skin tone. Ever since I saw the blue eyeshadow on Rihana, I wanted something like that but since I am of lighter color than her, i settled on this one finally. Unlike the Lakme one, this does not bleeds and does not make me feel as if I painted with blue ink!

Ohhh..Noooo - Now what makes me stay away from them most of the time? They are not smooth like the colorbar or revlon ones. They are not creamy. They are hard like eyebrow pencil. Even the body says eye/eyebrow pencil but then thanks, I am in no mood for electric blue color brows or any other blue for the record.

The website says - it hydrates but in very simple words - it does not! It tugs and its hard! Maybe the summers in India will do justice to it and make it smooth and still make them stay longer on eyelids.

Stay power - Since they are hard on my eyelids ( partly because my eyelids are not oily), I try to apply them by first applying a bit of oily cream. The application become smooth but then the stay is really short. I am sure they will be awesome in summer...*fingers crossed*

Repurchase - These will last me very long so not these shades but the choice of 40 colors for such less price is very tempting. Will try the others very soon...well already eyeing the yellow one.

Other Color Choices -

Click on the image to see the enlarged version.

And now the best part - From where to get NYX Slim Eye pencils for the best price in India?

I got them from Stylecraze for just 190 INR. But stylecraze is not stocking any colors now. They only
have the black one.
You can check it out at MedPlusBeauty for 191.75/- INR but then you only have options of 5 colors. LINK
Urban Touch have jaw-dropping 21 shades but then they are for 235 INR. LINK
In case you are eyeing for more than 3-4 colors then buy from some ebay sellers. It will turn out cheaper. You can try joys cosmetics. I mentioned them here.

So, will you buy them? Which color do you want?


  1. I like Electric Blue pencil and its' luking FAB on RiRi too! Bt wats up wid tugging part!!???

  2. That was really helpful,thanks. Since I have very oily eyelids, the creamy ones don't stay on my eyes,hopefully this will stay. And thank you so much for the links :D

  3. i guess with primer on...this shd be lil easy for applying...i want yellow fellow :D

  4. The electric blue luks gud but tugs??The lavendar color luks so gud:D

  5. i think the best way would be to use them as base and set with a bit of translucent powder or top with eye shadow for colorful summery look! definitely picking up a few shades, thanks fr the review!


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