Givenchy Makeup Coupon Code - 30% Discount!!!

Mar 20, 2012

Remember on where to buy part of most of my product reviews I end up suggesting MedPLusBeauty for their huge unbelievable discounts? I guess you also rememeber how I was happy to see big brands being sold online. I guess the time has come again when I mention MedPlusBeauty again for coming with both the points together - Givenchy Makeup on 30% discount! Now on top of the regular 15% discount ( which BTW the not very general thing), you can get additional 15% discount on Givenchy Makeup.

 Here are the words from the MedPLusBeauty Team -

We are very pleased to inform you that we have decided to allow you and the visitors/followers on your site to get an additional discount of 15% on Givenchy Makeup. We will be issuing a Coupon code to you, which you can provide to your visitors/followers. This coupon code can be used by them to avail a discount of 15% over and above the current prices on our website. This comes to a whopping discount of 30%!

Indulge in Givenchy Makeup!

The coupon code :LPN742CZ

This coupon code needs to be typed once the purchases are complete before making the payment. This Coupon Code is valid till 31st March 2012.

Do imform in case you face any issue!...

Big Thanks to the very sweet Rama of MedPlusBeauty.Com

Here is my review on my shopping experience with - LINK

Here is the link of all the Givenchy makeup products in MedPlusBeauty - LINK

What are you gonna get? I am not sure about anything to be share :)

PS - I made the image by taking product images from MedPlusBeauty. Do say something nice about what I did in 4 minutes sharp!...someone please slap me..I am so much in love with myself now *bhwaaa haaaahhahahaa*


  1. I like what you made and in 4 minutes *Hi5* Good Job Girl!

    About Givenchy, even with the code, I don't have the money to buy it:P

    1. same here dear. also on monday i hauled Sleek products! budget of cosmetics about to reach limit

  2. hehehe!! it is a fab collage!! u def deserve the luv u give urself :)

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