DIVO Products - Paddle Brush, Combs, Accessories and Nail Care - Review

Mar 18, 2012

I am sure you must have heard about DIVO products by now. I was lucky enough be part of their recent seminar/event organised by Healthkart.com and Divo where I got to meet some other blogger and people organizing the event. It was my first event and being a part of it just being in this blog world for the 4th month running was really nice :) They shared some hair care and hair styling tips ( I will do a post after I receive the pics from them as some pics from my camera has come like urghhhhhh)

So, this is what I received.

Paddle Brush Small

 I have bigger one from Vega when my natural hair was growing back after re-bonding. A hair technician  convinced me that a very big paddle brush can make your hair look better but I got such a big one that using it and carrying it around was an issue.

The size of this brush is perfect but I still have a smaller one that I use while travelling. The bristles tips are rounded and this is very easy to use. It costs 130 INR which is much much cheaper than Vega brushes.

Dura Style Comfort

I love these kind for combs and am using these since my childhood until I came to know that there is something called paddle brush and huge gaps ones. These kinda make my big hair look flat. I have them in pink and blue colors. I also used to have barbie one like this but then I misplaced it. I won't recommend for fine/thin hair. Price - 37....what! Shocker!

Metal Free Satin Covered Hair Elastic Bands

This is something that made my heart jump when I saw it. Me and my Mom who is also a shopping hunter like me where hunting for them in Kolkata but could not find good quality ones. The OK quality ones for abour 25 INR a piece and I felt it was too much for paying for something that I lose more often.

This was 11 for 115. Not 100% sure if I would have got them by my own money. I would have done some more search and then rethink.

And hey I would like to share with you another thing which I got for 30 INR for I do not know why *silly me* -

Large Clip

Hello? What can I saw about a large clip? Its a good quality large clip. Period. *he he he*
But surely not something that I will buy even if it was the last Large clip on the planet because A. I rarely use them B. This one is for 90 which I feel is bit too much.

3 Way Maxi Buffer and Nail file with Cuticle Trimmer

How to make a nail art enthusiastic happy? You cannot give us colors as you know why. But nail buffers are always welcome. I presently use a The Body Shop one which is serving me for past 1.5 years! I think it can retire now. This one for just 75 INR. I also liked the flower print. There is someone inside me which just go crazy when it sees prints!!

Nail file is not something that I favor much and cuticle trimming is something I do not suggest (BTW I do even recommend to be addicted to buffers. They are not good if used too much) so I think this might remain unused. What is to note here that the cuticle trimmer has a plastic cover attached which is very nice. Price - 60 INR

Combo Pack Loofah

This has two natural travel size loofah with towel backing...well read in the pic...

Again..not going to use as I do not use anything more than scrubber on face and for body I am presently in love with The Body Shop Gloves. But for 55 INR I think this is a nice deal if you want to buy more.

What I would like to buy from Divo is definitely the Brush cleaner. It's awesome and I checked it out yesterday there.

A post on hair styles coming up in an some time...  *smile*



  1. ohh nooo... i missed this event :(
    i was invited too but couldnt make it
    I would have met u :)

  2. Replies
    1. sad...they would have loved to style your beautiful hair ^_^

  3. I was also invited...But As I am out of country I couldn't attend....I would have met u


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