Delhi Blogger's Meet - Divo HK Event - Picture Post

Mar 21, 2012

In case you are bore with the events posts then I have to shamelessly accept - I cannot help it! Finally I recieved pics from Sonal of of all the pictures of the meet....big hugs and lots of kisses for Sonal for uploading all the pics on Picasa...

Disclaimer - The pictures here are those given by Sonal and have their watermark. I have edited few of them a bit.

All the bloggers who attended.

Ruchika who is the head of Divo giving us the leaflets. I have mentioned them in my post Haircuts for Different Face Shapes

Sonal introducing herself and about healthkart beauty products. And then it started.....

Deciding Hair Styles Based on Your Face Shape

We trying to guess her's  face shape and it turned out to be Diamond. Did you guess that? Still wondering about shapes then read my previous post (link). You will also get the hairstyles suitable for you in that post.

Everyone obediently clicking pics as Ruchika gets her face analysed.

4 Easy DIY Hair Styles

Natural Inturn

I volentered for it. Imram wet my hair, made them frizzy, applied hair serum and guess what? The Hair Dryer went missing!!!! Why God? Why me???? Another haircut was tried before the dryer could be found. Till them I was with a birds nest  on my head!

And with the normal hair dryer and my hair fizzed to the highest possible limit - it was a tough battle to style my hair for Imran. He made me do the left side. He is a very strict teacher!

Remember those TVCs like - pehle mae bohot dukhi tha aur fir mujhe mila power protecting self revolving heating hair styler - Daale balon mein Jaaaaaaaaan 
( forget it..I am not translating that in English...nooo way!)

BTW my hair style was never completed....why God? Why me?

Did you noticed the tuxedo nail art in the pic above?

Messy Look - Updo on Sonal

You can read the tutorial of the Updo in the my other post but then I felt you can do it many other better ways. 

 And Finally - DONE!

Night Look - Curls tried on Komal

L'Oréal Professionnel Tecni Art Full Volume Extra Mousse was applied on her hair by using a application brush (I think it was this name) that only found in Divo here and its good - words from Imram

French Twist

Lunch time. Nothing significant but then look at my face - bhwaaha haaaa...I am the only one without a plate...well so far :)

Hair Accessories

About the Divo Brushes

Tah Tahs and Bye Byes.... :D

Noticed? My hair is still not done....@$&(^(*&((*%^#

Read what's in those silver boxes HERE

I tried my best to reduce the length of the post by combining the pics and that too in MS Paint! Hello! But then there might be few more pics added here soon.

Super Big Thanks to Dearest Vanu who referred me for this event - XOXOX


  1. You combined the pics in MS PAINT? :O OMG you did an amazing job girl....I am still loving your Tuxedo nail art...and it feels so good to finally meet you in person ^_^

    P.s. Will be updating you about the exhibition soon ;)

    1. thanks dear...MS Paint was the only image editing s/w I got in my office PC :D

      yes..please :)

  2. Gr8 post dear! amazed the way you've merged the pics together, great work!

  3. Hi,
    Just wanted to let you know that I have mentioned you here ^_^

  4. Puhleeeeez dont make me senti wid thankuz... em regretting so hard dat i cudnt join u guys at dis fab event
    em going to try dis MS paint merged pics idea!! i wantd something lk dis since loooooooong tym.
    u luk vry cute lk a school going gurl!!!
    I was seeing some more pics of Divo event on Komal's blog and didnt knew whoz who bt cud recognise u wid ur eyes. Once u mentioned na, ki u hv eyes like chin-keeeze

    1. thanks for that "school going gurl"..i even mentioned that in my Tag post

  5. WOW! That's nice! Wish I could attend :(


    1. yes...then we could have meet :) btw you have a very cute smile

  6. Replies
    1. thanks dear..i am always hungry for hugs and kisses...aur lao...aur do...he he

  7. i was invited too :( cldn't make it sob sob. buy definitely next time :)
    glad u had fun :)

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