Beauty Formula Moisturising Shower & Bath Coconut Butter with Vitamin E Body Wash Review + Where to Buy

Mar 12, 2012

I was shopping with my dear friend on Friday full day bunking office because she convinced me that we will miss out all the good stuffs as sales has just started and everyone with buy the nice stuffs over the weekend. And like my general mall routine, I entered into New U and saw this. I am already using a boots hair treatment in coconut (which BTW smells so awesome that people always confuse it as something edible) and with those thoughts in mind I picked this up.

Ingredients -

Do you know what is Sodium Laureth? I could not find it anywhere.

What I think about this?

Smell - The first time I used this I felt that it smells not like coconuts but rotten coconuts! Yeeaaakkkk....I took it back to the storage room and threw it there. When I was about to come to Kolkata I do not know why I picked this up. I used it again with a fresh mind and then I realized the smells of rotten coconuts only comes at the initial moments. Slowly you smells the coconuts and when you are done you smell nice. I got it checked by 2 people because my brain was telling me - You still smell rotten. Mind it that it does not says - Enriched with the active extracts of Coconuts grown in some special XYZ hi-fi place. It just smells like that so plus points for not lying on the bottle like most soaps and shower gels on Indian store does. And keep it mind that the smell is not very intense but do lingers for an hour and on top of it a apply a moisturiser so I cannot actually comment how much the smell also would have last.

Otherwise - The only reason I got this was because of the smell. I remain as far away as possible from SLS stuffs but then it does not dries my skin at all! Maybe because of the high glycerin content. Use as much as you want and your skin wont dry at all! Voila!

Texture - It like a gel but very flows too much. You need be very careful or better use a loofah otherwise your bathroon floor will be covered with this. Look at the pic below. The big pic is the initial one. I kept my hands slanted and it rolled (check the small pics. The transformation took less than 3 seconds. )

Repurchase? Will try the other flavors as it did nothing wrong to my skin.

From where to get ? I could spot them so far only in Newu. They priced it at 150 INR for 350ml which is on the cheaper side considering the price of other shower gels.

And finally thanks to the models which will be used now to make coconut laddoo.

Will you like to try these body wash? 

If you are stuck with a soap and would like to make a shower cream from that then read THIS.


  1. hey Girl! which NewU did u purchase it from?Im also gonna have to leave work early since the nearest one is in Shopprix :P

    1. u stay in Noida or GZB? Anyways I got them from Saket NewU. But do not worry these are generally available in all the NewUs. Its like those in house kinda stuffs that all stocks......

  2. I like body wash bt More than dat i liked ur model!! LOL

  3. Great review and pretty pics as always...I love how u create a theme for ur pictures :D

    P.S.: I love love love narkel naru (coconut laddu :P )


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