6 Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Swatches (India Launch)

Mar 29, 2012

Pic was from Maybelline website. Cropped, edited, collaged by me.

We generally have to wait a lot for Maybelline products. After the whole world has tried, tested and awarded a product, we get to see its face. We must be real special for them as they only want us to get the tried and tested stuff *sarcasm*

Anyways this year for a change Maybelline decided to launch a lot of products (So what the NewU SA told me turned out to be right!). Some genius in the company who definely knows a lot has decided to launch only 6 shades out of the 12 shades as the genius might have realized color variations in India is not much *more sarcasm*

Of the 6 shades we can choose from, the awesome SAs either try to force u to make you more fair or darker than your actual color (I can name 10 people who were forced by SA to take a lighter shade and look FAIR! I am sure this has happened to others as well). Some SA have too much attitute to serve you and others are just pushing you stuffs (I challange you to do makeup shopping in Kolkata if you have experienced it in NCR). I was discussing all this with Swarnali today and realized what a boon online shopping have been. So to assist you to find your shade - here it it!

(I am in too much of talking mood today so excuse the whole lot of blah blah blah)

Swatches of Shades Launched in India

Light 1 Porcelain Ivory
Light 3.5 N*de Beige
Light 4 N*de
Light 5 Creamy Natural

Medium 1 Sandy Beige
Medium 4 Honey Beige

I am around NC30 at this time. For me the color suggested was 4 for my yellowish skin tone. I would have been 5 if I was of warmed undertone.

These swatches are done very thick so take the lighter version of the one required as per the swatches here. I think you can calibrate with my skin and the variation.

Even Loreal has a new range (see those red cap ones in the background?). As per the SA, those are better, sweatproof and long lasting than this one. 

Those who have read the Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder Unifying Powder Review might have guessed that I have not got any for me.

Something more about the product as well -



Air-whipped liquid provides perfecting coverage for 100% poreless skin
Ideal for normal skin
Oil-free, fragrance-free, Dermatologist-tested, allergy-tested, non-comedogenic – won’t clog pores, safe for sensitive skin


Apply smoothly and evenly to your face and blend with your fingertips.


Cosmo Best of 2010 -  and it is launched here in 2012!

Another image but its blurry so ..whatever

Its available online at all major online websites who store Maybelline makeup. No one is giving any discounts and so I am not mentioning any names this.

Many beauty blogs have already reviewed this so have you brought them already or thinking of buying them? 
Liking it? 


  1. Nah- I'm NC 45 & I couldn't find a match, Maybelline we girls do come in a whole bunch of shades, do launch the entire range to let us duskier beauties enjoy this range!

    1. they should have launched the entire range but donno what goes in their mind!

  2. I am AMAZED at the fact that the US gets colours like cocoa and all we get is shades of BEIGE! I feel bad for all the dark skinned girls out there who can't find a match because of this stupidity... But one thing I'm glad about is that none of the SAs I've met have ever tried to make me darker or fairer, thank heavens! Thanks for the swatches, I'm going to be checking these out.. Look at m, I started off because of all your sarcasm lol! <3

    1. thanks for commenting Nisha

      you are a lucky person who never faced such SAs...they are the SAs from Mumbai u are talking abt right?

  3. why are these companies being so clueless! Dont they get that India a friggin huge market just waiting for good products and filled with people who want to buy! So the shades are not going to suit alot of people...At least Maybelline are taking one step in the right direction

    1. First, we are like 1/6 of the world’s population. Ladies come in all colors, shapes and sizes. Second, we are hungry for nice stuffs and end up asking people coming from other countries get stuffs for us.

      We even order online with additional shipping charges just to get something. And still the person who does market research fails to see all these!!

  4. Thanks for mentioning me here :P Yeah the SAs here can be a real pain!! Your reviews are really awesome :D Catch you after a month.

  5. Thanks for reviewing this..SD! Will check out for my shade, I m NC 42 Skintone..which one do u think will suit me???

    1. try med 1..i hope it will work for you...let me know if worked..

  6. Thanks for the swatches dear...I have a feeling that medium 1 would be perfect for me but will still check it out in the store..

    1. yes Parul do check them. It not a guarantee that people can actually fit in 6 colors!!!

  7. are u not the sweetest blogger?u just replied to my comment @peaches and blush,thanks for that note and now the swatches:) but the reviews say its not for oily skin...hmmm..so me no buy this one and foundation is really not my thing.

    1. ur sweet words are making me blush :D

      and yes it might not be for oily as the SA told me that these will last with sweating and all. Even the website only mentions FOR NORMAL SKIN. If u do not need foundations then never use them! just keep one good one for the sake of special events

  8. Thanks for the all the swatches.. i am going to try them soon.. thanks again..


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