Taking A Break + MIA Alert

Feb 5, 2012

Hello Dear,

I will be on a break for at least 2 weeks with no or very limited access to internet. I will try to do posts as I will have my laptop but then I will be Missing in Action (MIA) which means -

1. No reply to your comments (that I love to do BTW so will get back to each one  of them when I return). 
2. Similarly no reply to your mails etc. (which again I love to do so you know what I will do when I return)
3. I will not be able to follow up with your blogs or comment on them. Since I hate to miss anything, you will see a huge traffic in your blog from my IP when I return *wink* 
4. Very less number of post and the post will mostly have pics. No detailed product reviews unless those reviews were already written and just need a small input from me.

Something that I would like to share -

1. I do not like the Blogger commenting system as you cannot leave behind your recent posts links. I am using Intensedebate one. There was some issues in that which I have mailed them but I am sure if it is fine now or not.. I have hidden the default blogger one. I do not want to miss any comments from you so please do not use IE for this blog. Do not forget to leave behind your thoughts and messages.

2. Do enter my giveaway in case you have not done it so far - ~HERE~. In case you have already done that - Hogs And Kisses (Angry Birds Seasons Style). It means a lot to me.

Something that I would like you to do -


PS: The pic was taking in the Fire House Cafe near the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla while it was snowing outside which reminds me now that I have to do a post of Shimla and McLord Ganj Trip.