Physicians Formula Cashmere Wear Ultra Smoothing Bronzer - Light Bronzer 7337 - Swatch + Review

Feb 1, 2012

Hello Dear,

How is this week going for you? I so wish I was in college. We only had 5 days class...well now also I have 5 days working but then Wednesday first half used to be off for student-teacher discussions. And Student-teachers discussions meant you can sleep as much as you want. I am on leave today and woke up just a few minutes back. I also meet my college friends yesterday so its like being in college once again. Even my room is looking that messed now!

Anyways coming back to post, today is the turn of Physicians Formula Cashmere Wear  Smoothing Bronzer - Light Bronzer. I got this along with Shimmer Strip - n*de.

What is this all about?

Ingredients of Physicians Formula Cashmere Wear Ultra Smoothing Bronzer

Packaging  - Just like the Shimmer Stips, this has a very nice package. Its like a book like Bourjois Delice De Poudre but also has a mirror and a brush.

The USP of the package is the tassel attached to it.

The back side houses the brush and the mirror. Just perfect!

The brush is nothing extra ordinary but yes its nice. But I will prefer a kabuki brush over it. I might consider using this when I am travelling.

So lets pull the tassel and check out what there inside. Ready?

Swatches - 

The caramel one is a tad lighter to my skin. Swatched bit heavily to show here. The golden part is good but not OTT.

The colors mixed and applied on the arm. There was a added glow but the sparkles were very hard to spot.

Overall Verdict -

1. Good color but only for light skin people. Others can use the another shade in this. I was saved by one shade I guess.
2. Its better than Bourjoius for day use as its sparkles are more hard to find than that.
3. I wish it was available in India.
4. Nothing more to add for something with such a nice packaging. You can just keep this in a showcase as well *wink*

So will you also like to pull the tassel?

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  1. very pretty packaging the knitted pattern so reminds me of revlon eyeshadows launched in AW 2012.


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