Noida News - Clinique is Here!

Feb 10, 2012

I know there are so many cities where the access to good brands is simply zero. These brands are also hard to find online. But we are also hard to satisfy. There are so many brands in Delhi which are yet to come to Noida. And I was so excited when I saw them Clinique in Lifestyle of GIP, Noida, I had to share it with you....awww look at those brown eggs! Have to have a brown egg omlette now!

Click on the following pic to see a enlanged version.

Offer? Well there was no one at the counters at that point of time. Took permissions for the pictures from a person nearby. Anyways, the following was written on the counter (ref to the first pic), but I could not understand it exactly –

On Purchase of

worth INR 8000 & Above


Get Clinique pouch

worth INR 2000 with

assorted Skin are &

make up

Absolutely Free!!

Please tell me what it means in case you got what they wanted to convey... *wink*

Will you visit this place?

PS: If yes then do ask them what they want to say...