My First Solid Perfume - L'Occitane En Provence Cherry Blossom (Fleurs de Cerisier)Review + What / How to use / Why Solid Perfume

Feb 27, 2012

 This is the first time I am reviewing about a perfume. Thing is I have a over-sensitive nose. I can tell if a person has smoked in the last 6 hours or if a food is sweet or salty just by smell. I know I can be very irritating at times just because of this..*evil grin*

What is a solid perfume?

Let me first tell something about solid perfumes -Solid perfume is nothing but a perfume in solid perfume. Do not think its a new concept because solid perfumes are used since ancient Egyptians times. Long back I read in Tinkle (yes the favorite comics of my childhood and I over over 70 copies even after donating a lot), that solid perfumes were how perfumes came into existence but that a long story which you can google out or I can tell on a nice Sunday afternoon over a glass of fruit punch.

How to use solid perfume?

Just take some and rub on your wrist and behind your ears and you are ready to go. You might like to warm up the wax a bit on your fingers before applying or rub it gently while applying to melt it and explose the middle and base notes. As your body warms and the wax melts, you can smell the whiffs of the perfume.

Why use a solid perfume?

First because you must have a perfume in your bag always. These solid perfumes generally comes in tin tubs rather than the glass ones as your favorite EDT or EDP. Also they are very small in sizes.

Secondly while travelling for long distances you must carry something that smells sweet and not over powering. I bad realized it the time we went to McLordGanj. The other two were unwell and throwing and as I was the only girl left, they both tried to sleep on my shoulders and I was in the middle. Now remember sensitive nose? I could not even complain a bit as they were unwell *pat on my back*. Long story short, I always keep a solid perfume with me these days! This one is sweet and very mild.

Third point is again related to travel. Airport regulation does not allow more than 200 ml of liquid and might not allow perfumes and deos. To your rescue from irritating smell inside the cabin, here comes solid perfume!

Fourth point is not something that I bother about as I do not have a sensitive skin. Solid perfumes do not have any alcohol content which implies no irritation for your skin. So even if everything irritates your skin, I guess this won't.

About this one -

 L`Occitane en Provence Cherry Blossom Fleurs de Cerisier

In my words -  As I first use it, I get the smell of tall grasses just after a fresh rain in the summer and then the smells start to fell like those of white flowers but this description will not help you at all as solid perfumes unfolds completely differently on different skin. I feel the smell differs even for hot and cold weather..very slightly but then again remember sensitve nose? But anyways the smell is very clean, nice and relaxes my mind.

Another perfume that smells on the name of cherry blossom in India is TBS Japanese Cherry Blossom but that is way too harsh than this one. 

Here are the notes of the EDT (which is bit bitter in smell) from

Top Note: sweet & juicy with Cherry and Freesia
Middle Note: Floral and Feminine with Cherry Blossom and Lily of the valley
Base Note: Warm and Woody with Amber and Musk.

Price : INR 600 for 10 gms

Ingredients :

Suits on - The perfume is any day suit a girl for daytime and I mean young girls. This won't be nice for mature ladies. On top of it, it is very mild so, go for it only if you like sweet (not sugary) and clean light smells. 

Lasts for - It lasts for 3-4 hours on my but I can get a whiff sometimes even after 6 hours depending upon the day and temperature. As it is very light, it might not last all at on few people. I talked about this 'lasting-issue' with the store people when I went to buy the EDT just to realize that only the solid perfume in the range has the highest staying power! The women on the counter suggested layering but no thanks I do not what the entire range! (Edit - I totally need the entire range. My love for this is growing every single day)

Thoughts on repurchase - 

I felt it was a good investment but I want more lasting power. As its a small thing, I can carry around and reapply so, I am OK with it anyways. Also, I am thinking of tweaking a bit and ask someone to make a copy of this perfume which will last longer as I have started to feel this perfume very close to how I would like to smell always. I not a floral person but I love it. I do not mind a ETP but I really want a copy with some tweaks.

 Do anyone know anybody who is good in copying/remaking perfumes in Delhi? I am in Kolkata now so in case you are aware of anyone from Kolkata also then please let me know....

And something that I say to all of you with sisterly love - Get at least one solid perfume.

Options in India -

L'Occitane has Cherry Blossom, Vert (will not buy this as I am very happy with Elizabeth Arden Green Tea EDIT - Have got it to layer it with EA Green Tea and make it last longer), Vert with Jasmine and Rose.
The Body Shop has the Love ETC one again in heart shape.
Lush has few in push up forms in Gorilla Perfume Range (Vanillary, Tuca Tuca, Smell of Freedom, Lust , Karma and Imogen Rose).

Do you also own any solid perfume?

PS : I am really upset because of the intensedebate comment box issue. Somebody please help me...*sob sob*