Help me choose a Pink Nail Polish

Feb 13, 2012

I want to wear a simple pink nail polish for this valentine - no nail art otherwise I would have made vintage roses.. (will show that in some other post). When I opened my box with a confused mind nothing looked like Pink to me. So I asked a guy to pink pink from all the colors. They work in Windows 16 bit colors when dividing colors into primary is form the best they can do. He even picked some purples and reds but then I out rightly rejected.
I could not reject Lakme Mosaic 221 as its hanging its legs in the grave and surely will not survive this summer as well.

*In all pics - Left - Under sunlight, Right - In shadowed area*

Colorbar Autumn Rose - Almost a neon coral color. Made hands look a bit darker.

Maybelline Colorama Coral Chic - A sheer coral with very fine sparkle dust almost.

Revlon 308 Really Rosy is a dusty rose color. Kinda dull for my taste. Looks awesome only under sun.

Maybelline Colorama Rosa Cristal is a mettalic finish pink. Had I once known the finish, I would not have got this as they are not good for any nail art.

Lakme Fantasy Collection 250 is a dusty rose but more vibrant that Revlon Really Rosy. Not once have I applied this and not get compliments. 

Lakme Fantansy Collection 252 - Fushia Pink.

New U Falmingo - Talked about in the hearts nail art.

Lakme Mosaic 221 - I picked it up just because of the mosaic design but now I fail to replace it. Love the color but then it has become too old now.

So which one do you think is the one for me?

Left Little - Colorbar Autumn Rose
Left Ring - Colorama Coral Chic
Left Middle - Revlon Reallt Rosy
Left Index - Colorama Rosa Cristal

Right Index - Lakme Fantasy Collection 250
Right Middle - Lakme Fantasy Collection 252
Right Ring - New U  Flamingo
Right Little - Lakme Mosaic 221 

How is your planning going for V day?