From Where I Got Physicians Formula Products?

Feb 2, 2012

Whenever I do a product review, I make sure to mention where you can get it in the best bargain. The problem started when I had PF products to review. I got comments for how I get them but I didn't had a one line answer. If there was ever a drugstore brand that I want in India then I will say PF simply for its pretty packaging. I would have said NYX long back but now we easily get them though at a higher price.

How I got all I wanted from PF -

I have a simple rule - while buying stuffs that has shipping charges, make sure to buy more than one stuff. that way the shipping charges do not look huge anymore! And opening a package that has more than one stuff is always more entertaining than a package with one item.

When I started searching for PF stuffs, I could not get a single seller who had the three stuffs together.
Finally I found one power seller with 99.9% positive feedback - NIKKIDVC. For shop click here.

I send him a mail for the stuffs I wanted and then he replied

"Hi,I have one happy booster rose and I have one (new) shimmer strips custom eye enhancing shadow & liner N*de eyes 7564.very cute packaging.I dont have these listed yet .I dont have any Cashmere Wear in stock .let me know if you want them .thanks nikki"

"ohhhh thats great but i would love to have three of them together to save on the shipping cost and time as First Class is taking a lot of time these days for India...let me know what if are stocking the Cashmere wear soon....otherwise I will think about it....."

"Give me a week.I can get anything.thanks nikki"

When I read - Give me a week... I was not sure how to react as you know how it happens in shops here - Madam Ji yeh ek hafte baad aa jayega ( Ma'am it will be restocked in a week) and it doesn't even come in a month!

This was sent by him on 16th Dec so I know he was either busy or celebrating so I mailed on 26th as even I could not wait anymore and then I got the reply

"Hi, I have your items Please give me your em# and I will send you a invoice through ppal.HAPPY HOLIDAY to you and your family.thanks nikki"

Trust me - I sang Ohh La La Ohh La La. But I told him to do a listing for me and he did that.

So in 2 weeks sharp, I received the following.

Happy Booster™ Glow & Mood Boosting Blush Rose - I have written a review for this but facing issues for showing the swatches. Will you read a review without proper swatches?
Physicians Formula Cashmere Wear Ultra-Smoothing Bronzer Light Bronzer  - Reviewed here
Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Eye Enhancing Universal Looks N*de - Reviewed here

Now the perfect part - PRICE

He listed these three items for US $24.00 (Approximately Rs. 1,186.71 as per Ebay now)
Shipping - US $8.68 (approx. Rs. 429.19) USPS First Class Mail International
Total - US $ 32.68

As per PH website, the price are
$11.95 (blush) + $13.95 (bronzer) + $10.95 (eyeshadow) =  US $  36.85

And (forgive me for my engineering background) US $ 32.68 (price + shipping) <  US $  36.85 
So sing with me - Ohh La La Ohh La La!

In case you want the exact same products them the listing for me is still there - here

Next stop on PF products - the PH blush that has LED lights!

Planning to buy anything from Physicians Formula?