Colorbar Mystic Collection - 88 Turquise & 93 Moss Agate Swatches

Feb 3, 2012

Whenever there is a talk about a new nail polish color, Colorbar is what I have to look at. They have launched a new collection - Mystique Collection with 6 new shades of lip sticks of Soft touch and 6 new colors of nail colors.

6 New shades of Soft Touch Lipstick (clockwise starting from the orange one)

40 Citrine - Bright orange
42 Amethyst 
43 Rose Quartz - Fushia pink
41 Amber - Baby pink
45 Rhinestone - Pink
44 Garnet - Red 

6 new shades of Nail polish (clockwise from the green one)

Moss agate - Matt
Torquise - Matt
Blue Topaz - Shimmer
Sandstone - Matt
Rose Quartz - Matt
Amethyst - Matt

I got for myself Moss Agate and Torquise. I was not even aware this was some new collection or something. While billing, I saw this leaflet and asked what it was and then they told me about the collection. Later I realized that I have already picked the two colors that I needed from the collection. It was too late otherwise I would have swatched the lip colors for sure.

I called them the next day just to know the name of shades *wink*. It somehow reminded me how long long back Lakme used to have coordinated same name colors for lip and nails.

More than the colors, i was happy that they did not raised their price in the name of a new collection which they were doing for a pretty long time. The nail polish are still INR150 and the lipsticks are 325 or 375 (don't remember).


Colorbar NEX Torquise 88

Colorbar NEX Moss Agate 93 - Which I initially though was Kate Moss *wink*
A similar color in colorbar Exclusive 60 but that is lighter and more yellowish with a metallic finish.

Pic taken in shadow to show the difference. Under Sunlight Exclusive 60 was just reflecting all the light ..ha ha

The texture is not 100% matt so I was really happy about it. These colors in matt will look too dull. I might even fell like adding to top coat for glossy finish. The texture is one the thicker side so dries very fast...very happy.

So which color will you like to try?

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