Another N*de - Maybelline Colorama Beige Natural

Feb 29, 2012

I know how everybody has gone crazy about n*de. To be frank I wasn't at all. But I am crazy about free gifts specially those that we get with makeup. Once there was a scheme of getting a box (which presently is stuffed with all my nail polishes) for buy of 800 or 1000 INR. I was falling sort of 50 bucks and then the SA suggested me this. I wasn't really sure to get a pale color but then I didn't had time to search for more.

I am still so glad that I did because once I tried this, I realized this is the perfect n*de for my nails and the stay and shine is also perfect.

I love this color so much that when it was about to finish I desperately wanted to buy this but then I could not find it anywhere. There is a close shade called Cappachino but I just wanted this. I desperately mentioned this once to Suhani from The Nail Art Designer and then she found this shade for me online. So sweet of her. I brought this again. So this became the only nail polish which I have repurchased (other than the Colorama Black one but then the Black one was an entirely different story which I told in the Hearts Nail Art Post.)

Price - It retails for INR 90. I got mine from but this is not available there now.

In case you felt you need a darker shade then you can get Cappuccino. You can get both of them from MedPlusBeauty for 76.5 INR.

So here I asking you again after PH N*de Strips...

are you ready for N*de?

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