VOV Express Finish Lacquer - Ultra Shine and Hold for upto 7 days

Jan 9, 2012

This Sunday when I was  out  for shopping, I had one simple thing in mind that I just won’t buy anything for myself simply to save time and also the money that I need to upcoming sales….they(sales) are everywhere now but I am secretly waiting for one special one *wink*

But as I am very weak hearted when I see the 2 word object – Nail polish. I spotted these VOV express finish nail polish in many wonderful colors and found it extremely hard to resist. I even resisted to but Bourjois Intense Eye shadow #10 but could not resist this.

Now I am not a big fan of VOV but they are so hard to find! No online sellers also! And another similar brand is Miss Claire – very nice small pot eyeshadows and extremely hard to spot. But I am not sad as I picked up the awesome colors in the coolest price. The colors does not have a name so lets call them by as basic name as possible – Green Yellow, Light Blue and Brown.

Green Yellow – As the bottle says, it does dires in 15 seconds. The finish and texture is like Colorbar nailpolish. I am very impressed by this.

Light Blue – It’s very runny. Not expected that just after I applied the above now. But the bottle says 60 seconds and I do not care. Who have 60 sec? I find I very difficult to apply such runny polishes. After the second coats you might not feel much difference.

Another thing I noticed that this and Colorbar Exclusive 15 look kinda sisters but in the bottles they look like….step-sister. Don’t know how come they look so similar on the nails but the thickness makes all the difference here.

Brown – Somebody please teach me how can you apply a dark color which is runny? Again 60 sec but then I sorry I didn’t noticed it earlier. Otherwise might not have got this. The color is very nice but which this finish it looks gross for me

About 7 days – no idea about that one. Blue and Brown are too runny and I cannot go to my office for a week wearing that yellow green one. So sorry that I cannot comment on that now.

Did you liked these? Which color did you liked most?

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