That Wonderful Feeling

Jan 9, 2012

Last week I got a call from one my old PG room mate. 

"Are you free now?"  "Yes"
 "Didi, yeh batao ki woh kya lagate hae jisse face glow karta hae 
(What is the stuff that brightens your face?)" 
 Me (Confused and trying to absorb what I just heard) - "Glow?"

And then the story got disclosed that she had to attend one her cousion's wedding and have to build a whole kit. 

Now something about that sweetheart - She lives in Gurgaon and hardly use any cosmetics. Maybe a Kajal at times. 21 years old but still a kid. I used to nag with her to make her wear lipsticks. So you know the time taking interesting job that I had to do for her - Shopping! 

There was a tiny problem - 

I stay in Noida which like 50-55 Km away. So weekend is the only time we could connect. That too only Sunday and only for 5-6 hours as she has to commute back also.

Around Wednesday I again got a call from her - "What should I wear?" "What do you mean?" "I have not decided yet". "OMG"
So, in 6 hours you have a buy a dress, matching accessory (bangles, earrings, necklace and even mangtika and bindi), complete makeup and brushes. Phew!

I met her around noon and I was shocked to death. She even neededcomplete hair care and skin care products. In case I missed she don't have any regime for that. And leave that apart she hardly even drink 4 glass of water a day...I know..CRIMINAL!

But finally after a lot of searching, we ended up for a Fushia A-cut lehenga that has velvet base with net cover. The choli is light moss green. The complete attire had nice stone work.
Price - 6.9 K. And I must say - it was a bargain! Even my heart silently wanted it but I thought I won't buy anything for myself today just to save the time.

Lehenga that was not supposed to be photographed. I took a pic  for just-in-case-situations. But hope you get the idea here.
This is a pic I took at Yo!China. She had bad tanning around her forehead so needed 2 different shades for concealer. And rest you might have got the idea.

We obviously didn't stopped here and went to buy here jewellery and other stuffs of need. 

At the jewellery store when I finally spotted something for her - It was a match made in heaven! A girl who came to buy something else also asked the Shopkeeper - "Please show me this exact thing for me." 
Ohhh my heart still aches with joy! 

And then I realized it was such a honor for me. The girl silently accepted whatever I got for her as she had trusted me. And that feeling that we actually brought EVERYTHING needed in just 6 hours - Priceless....

There are somethings that money can't buy and I felt one of them yesterday.

BTW I did brought something for myself. No points for guessing here - my biggest weakness - Nail Polish.....a post on that coming up any minute now.


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