Stumbled Upon A Few Of My Favorite Things

Jan 28, 2012

A few of my favorite things is a shop that I stumbled upon in DLF Saket Mall. I was there in hunt of something and then I found this store. They have mainly costume jewelry, bags and home decoration stuffs.

Here is what I got from there - A mannequin jewelry holder. I always wanted one. I saw them in a store in South City Mall, Kolkata but INR1500 was not something I wanted to spend on this. I saw this on the counter - How much for this? "699" "Ohh" "50% Off" "Ohh! Will take this!"

So I brought her home. I wish she had hands too but then she have wings..haha...just kidding.

And this brooch for INR 399 again at 50% off which btw looks like the one in the package cover. (see 1st pic, big bag)

I loved the store's attention to details. The packaging and all details were noteworthy. Here is something that all you guys might appreciate?

Recognized? it the super famous My Favorite Things sung by Julie Andrews in Sound of Music? Now here is the full song modified with the stuffs from the stores. I truly adored this. Love the attention to details....wait I already said that!

Here is the original one -

Has it occurred to you ever that you want something really specific and won't settle for less? or you lost something that you owned and loved and then search the whole world to get it again? No I am not some damsel who lost a loved one but I am talking about things. When I started my corporate I brought I Titan Raga watch. You see i am not a person who wears a watch everyday so I lost it while all the bangalore/noida/gurgaon shiftings. But then I searched everywhere and finally brought it again.

Same thing happened again. I saw this cap in Accesorize but the price looked too big. But then I got up in the middle up of the night and said - What if I never get anything like that again? I got this the next day and trust me I never say anything like this again. But again during my  bangalore/noida/gurgaon shiftings, I lost it. I saw this in Accesorize but then I was confused. I wanted it again but paying 1345 again?

I lift it up and saw this - 70% off.

You guess what would have happened after that. On top of it, I accessorized my Accesorize cap with this brooch that I got from A Few Of My Favorite Things. It perfectly compliment the bow. Now I truly have a feather in my cap. ..*wink*

Do pay a visit at this place. They have unique stuffs with a very decent price. On top of it, 50% is going on there till 31st Jan.

PS : I am no way linked to them. I was not even thinking of doing a post on them untill I saw the beautiful song on the package which I was compelled to share with you. *grin*


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