NYX Girls Enchanted Forest and Colorbar Exclusive 15

Jan 3, 2012

These were on my nails from the day I got my Stylecraze package. I reapplied then again on 30th to share these with you but was having some major internet issue.

Anways, here are my two favorite brands in one post. I love colorbar always because they bring up the most IN color in fashion in Indian market. If  international online shopping scares you and you still want to get the most fashionable color and search for a colorbar store. I repeat again - STORE not the counters. You are one lucky girl if you found everything in their counters.

Colorbar Exclusive 15

i wanted to continue with this design as base of the NYX polish but this was looking bad so had to remove it completely and apply it again.

I completely love the color and just like any other obedient Colorbar nailpolish it gives a long stay without chipping or losing its shine. I skip the top coat always with colorbar. They are my total love.

 (Ignore the bad application, was in too much hurry to do this post to use a Q-tip and my-bad-luck could not even post this on 30th.)

NYX Girls Enchanted Forest

I have become addicted to glitter now. And this is the chucky glitter polish.  I wanted to get Carnival but you know the story. Finally I ended up with Enchanted Forest and Super Funk. 

The base is of no color and the glitter is also sparse. You can either fish them out or you can apply 3-4 coats. Accumulate a lot in the base of the nail and then slowly spread it. I did not had much time to fish out so I applied 3-4 coats. The result was bit messy.

See the huge CHUNKS? Totally bring the superimpose effect. Absolute Love!

The only problem with this is it is hard to remove but then aren't all the glitter polishes are? 
Still I felt it takes too much time and effort because of the chucks in to.

Sisterly words - 

1. Do not apply NYX glitter nail unless you are sure you won't change it for long or its a very special occasion. Otherwise you can apply a single coat only. I am saying so to relieve you from the huge effort of removing it.  Edit - Updated a post on how to effectively remove glitter nail paints. Click HERE

2. Please get colorbar nail polish. You can bump into very nice colours. I do not know what almost all are named Exclusive but they have a new range also (yes, the one with the bottle that looks like OPI).

PS - keep your eyes open and check stylecraze.com. They are going to stock up more from NYX this Jan......whopppieeeee

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  1. Love your nails .. and this green with the glitter polish looks beautiful!


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