I Heart Nails - Colorama Amanhecer + New U Flamingo

Jan 19, 2012

With Valentine Day around the corner (...less than a month...less than a month!! ), all I have in mind are heart shaped stuffs. Also my birthday is just a day preceding it (hope u noticed the timeline on top) so I am in super active mode this time of the year :D

Here is a super quick mani using one of my all time favourite colorama color  and  a new polish from New U that I picked last Friday.

How I discovered Colorama - When I was a student, I used to really like Avril on how she used to put her up. Really liked her black nail polish but buying stuff was not a easy thing. My institute was not in any city and the only online shop was flipkart who still don’t sell any makeup stuff. On top of it which brand was there to give me black nail polish? No one. I once met by boy in Shopper Stop. I saw a black nail polish in colorama but 75INR for a nail polish was a complete no. My boy instantly noticed that i wanted it and got me one! This is how I was introduced to colorama and now I have more than 10 colorama nail paints. Though I buy many other nail polish, till date I buy my black polish only from Colorama. That day he also got me a lip smooth which is used and expired now but I have still kept it...shhh the boy doesn’t remember this girlish details and  I guess I bored you too much already.

Colorama Amanhecer

Anyways, Amanhecer is baby pink color with is perfect for French mani. The best thing about this shade is you can apply it very sheer also it give just pink touch or coat it up to get the complete color. But this is the most disappointing colorama as it chips very fast.

New U Flamingo

First of all what is this name? For 35 INR, it does a decent job. Nothing much to complain and nothing to praise. I applied this yesterday and clicked the pictures today. The shine is still the same but if you see the tips has lost color.

So what do you think? Have you started you plans for Valentine's day?

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