I Found You BB and How to Get the One for You + Good News from Maybelline

Jan 31, 2012

Right from Day 1 people got to know about BB creams, they badly wanted  one for themselves. As we Indian get access to stuffs when everyone has used, reused or refused to use the stuff, we just entered into a long waiting phase. We had TBS one but then not all prefer to try out stuffs which pinches your pocket. So when Maybelline announced the launch of BB Clear Glow in India everyone just ran to stores to pick it up as it was a must have style/gossip magazine! And believe me it was!

Still clueless about why people are going crazy about BB creams then google it. In case you are lazy or not a researcher type then here is a link of the post Cynthia did long back on BB creams - here.

So after so many attempts when I could not find then in any stores, I decided to do what I always do - search it  online. But hello? how do I know my shade dumb girl? So, I made sure to swatch all of them when I find them!

The following pics are from my mobile so a bit reddish in color.

Choosing your Shade-

1. N*de - For people on the fairer side with a pinkish tone.
2. Radiance - For people on the fairer side with a yellowish tone. My east Indian skin is without any question yellow so I got this.
3. Natural - Something for duskier skin. But then I really doubt that. If you are too dusky they this will just leave a white cast with no glow!

Something I really wanted from this -

1. Anti-ageing property.
2. The price of INR 199 might look awesome but then you get only 18 ml.
3. Bit more moisturizing. If you take too much for it to be moisturizer then you end up with a white cast and if you mix with some other moisturizer then the purpose of a BB cream is defeated.
4. More shades. The duskier beauties will find it difficult.

Good News from Maybelline

When I was chatting with the guy (yes, a guy who understands makeup), about the shades and launch of this cream, I came to know that Maybelline has decided to launch a lot many products this year. Next month they will be launching some liquid foundation. They are even launching 8 shades of gel liner! Only green and blue was showed to them and rest was kept secret. The Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadows are too be launched around June maybe but he was clueless about Maybelline Bouncy Blushes. He said that they showed so many stuffs that he forgot. Now this is what I call a good news!

Have you picked up your copy of BB?