Gone Oranges Over You - Nail Art with Fimo Clay, How To + Slicing

Jan 27, 2012

I finally decided to give it a try to the fimo clays that I got as FREE gift from one of the Ebay Seller I talked about here. 

Something about myself here - I grew up in Arunacal near a place that had the best produce of Oranges. Plumpy, juicy, 100% natural and always sweet as honey. So have always loved oranges as I got to eat the best ones out there. But when I left  Arunacal, i also stopped eating oranges as i was never happy with the quality. Anyways, I recenlty started to eat them again as I am not sure when I will be able to get those Arunacal again. So, wanted to do this the day I got the canes but then as I am a super lazy person, I am doing this when the season of Oranges is almost over!

Coming back to the topic...

What are fimo clay? 
Fimo is a brand name of polymer clay used mainly because of it’s firmness, baked strength, and ability to hold a shape without distortion. The canes shaped as log are handmade and generally made large and then reduced in size by squeezing and stretching, until they are a diameter between 1/8 inch (3 mm) and 1/2-inch (14 mm). Even though the size is very small, the designs are perfectly visible. They come in a array of designs.

I got the sliced one for various colors of dragon fly but these were the first experience with the canes. 

Slicing – The biggest issues is slicing. I used a blade but the result was nothing to be happy about. You can slice a clay cane to 100-150 slices but I got not even 50 proper slices which means I got them like twice the thickness they were supposed to be. 

You can see that I did a very b ad job here so here is the video to do it perfectly for all you beauties...

Using Fimo Clay Slices – You can use false lash glue but since I didn’t had that I actually used nail polish to stick them ...ohh poor me :( 

And the orange nail polish is obviously  - Colorbar Orange Mimosa.

Some Tips: 

1. Make sure the slices are as thin as possible. Thinner means the slices easily bends to take the shape of the nail so sticks better. 

2. Use a false eye lash glue to stick it. Using nail polish to do the work is in one simple work – stupid. Anyways if you have nothing then make sure to seal the complete thing with a top coat. I didn't even use a top coat. Result? They all wend off when the shampooed my hair.

And the model oranges?

As expected, they got eaten away...bhwaahaaa haaa 

Do you also love oranges? Did you liked this post?

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Will you mind having an orange now? *wink*


  1. ur nails look lovely..this art needs hell lot of time and patience...:-(

  2. i love oranges too, my jiju used to get good ones from nagpur, even that sweet made out of oranges. the pictures are really tempting me right now :)

    1. my boy got those orange sweet from me from Nagpur once...they really are nice :D

  3. Wow, have never seen such a post though I keep seeing a lot of nail art posts these days. ME 2 LUVVVVVVVVVVVV ORANGES, orange color and its smell, so much so I mainly wear citrus perfumes :) Coming bk to your post, is this fimo clay stick/log available in India/online? Where did u get it? And I didn't understand this "I got the sliced one for various colors of dragon fly" Do u mean u get the readymade sliced ones too?

    1. I got them free from the Indian ebay seller from whom I got some stamping plates etc. i guess the ebay seller is no more active. Yes, you get already slcied ones as well.


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