First Mani of the Year - Nyx Super Funk and Lakme True Wear 250

Jan 6, 2012

New Mani - well this post was supposed to come up yesterday but thanks to Noida rains my ISP could not give me even a single KB *grunts*. Anyways, here is my new mani for beginners. Liked it? Here is the step-wise details.

Lakme Nail Polish 250

Lakme nail polishes are something that I was using since I was a kid. They were my first nail polishes and I always loved them. Most of the time they have these pearl finish and general maroon. Now that use to bore me but sometimes they are awesome. 

250 is a must have not-too-bright-fushia, somewhat similar to Colorama Sexy. One of the must have. Another lovely collection in the same collection is 252. 

Here, I just put some candy stripes. ^_^

NYX Girls Super Funk

I got this beauty from I do not want to bore you with my love for glitters again but I am in love with them now. As they are hard to remove, I applied a top coat after the Lakme polish to avoid the glitter to touch my nails directly. This was done so that while removing I do not scratch my nails. I know I wont, thanks to my Sally hansen remover....gawd i love that..but I suggest you still apply a coat in between for just-in-case situations.

About Super Funk - its a clear not-too-think based polish with lavender glitters of 3 sizes. The biggest one has stripes on one of its size...look closely the top ones on my middle and ring fingers...the camera has not captured it perfectly but you will get the idea here.

By the way, I had a awesome First-Friday-of-the-YEAR! I got 2 parcels from (Super thanks to Suhani) and MedPlusBeauty (boy they have one addictive website. I spent 2.5K in 10 mins)

Hope the weekend is treating you well....ta..ta..

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