Experience with MedPLusBeauty - Best place for Body Shop Products on Huge Off + NYX Offers

Jan 30, 2012

Today I will tell you about my experience with MedPlusBeauty.Com.

I recently spotted those sales in Body Shop and everything was so blah! I was not at all impressed. Maybe there is another reason why nothing allured me. You see my Love Your Body card got expired October and getting a new card is what I do not want to. ‘Investing’ INR500 for a card that last only 1 Year is so not worth it. Even credit cards don’t ask for these ridicules charges. Look how many stamps I collected. I totally deserve a new free card!

Anyways as I am totally addicted to SLS free stuffs and TBS rainforest shampoo is the only decent one out there is the market I always had to though away my ego and visit their shop but luckily I found ...drum rolls......MedPlusBeauty.com

Don’t do that yet-another-online-store face as this one has the maximum number of brands with the major discounts that you can even imagine - Deborah Milano (at 31% off), H2O+ (at 25% off), Keratinology by Sunsilk (at 15% off), Jergens, Herbal Essenses and many other brands. But the shocker here is Givenchy!!! Could you ever imagine that? The next stop might be Lush or MAC. 

Check out the list of brands here. DO check out the NYX products. I can bet you will be amazed with the prices – Round Lipstick for INR256 in 19 shades! Jumbo Pencils for 276 in 11 shades which is sold for 320-340 at other sites. NYX Mosaic Powder Blush for 585 in 4 shades.

But the best part – THE BODY SHOP products at 24% off!!! Take that ...no need of a new membership card *sticking tongue out to TBS stores* The Body Butters are available now in 6 variants for just 658 INR. Here are my fav stuffs.

My Experience – I got my first package here. I was just browsing the website after the lunch break in office. I only ‘intended’ to buy NYX Milk (reviewed here) but the website layout is very addictive. The add to cart function is very quick and the filters are also good but need a little improvement. Anyways owing to huge collection of stuffs, I spent over 2.5K there. The shipped that very day by BLUE DART! I was like they sent by BLUE DART! But because of fog the flight were delayed so instead of receiving then in one night, I received them after 2 nights. Still, I was sooooooo happy.

Then the actual drama started. When I realized that they are really sweet, I requested them for Vitamin E moisture cream. Not only had they got it just because of me. They listed it in their website and even gave the 24% off which I was not expecting also. I would have danced like a lunatic if they had given me a 10% discount.

But then came the sour part. When I tried the Freeman Shea Olive Body Butter, it was a utter disappointment! So like a responsible online shopper, I told them the issue.

“It is not at all like any body butter. In fact not even like a lotion. It is completely runny as if someone has added water in it. It was not even total full. I could not show you the real thickness as I do not have the old product with me now. Meanwhile you can check online. People have put up the swatches and you can see that it is actually very thick.”

And I got a reply that I can replace it! Wasn't that sweet? They accepted that there was some issue with the lot. They told me if they want me to get the same products or something else in return. I opted for TBS Rainforest Shampoo. It was not available that time so they procured this just for me! Again like the Vit E cream case! Next thing I want to try is The Body Shop MTV Tantalising Lip Butter. But I want to check it in stores before I order online. Also, I guess its just listed in TBS India website and not available as it was a LE.


Response – Quick. I am impressed. For a online retailer there are many chalanges. Specially for one who has so many brands and items to cater to.

Products – Too many. I am yet to check out all the products they have. Do browse only when you have free time – it’s an addictive site.

Layout – Pretty impressed. Small scope of improvement with the filters are there but then its OK. Maybe the issue is with the tagging when new products are listed. For eg in TBS there are total 52 products but if you do Show as A-to-Z then only 34 products come up!

Support Team - As you can see my issue were not simple one. Customer generally don’t talk like - Get me a new product in the list OR Confirm me the product is exactly how it is to be OR why the product is soo runny OR get me another product in replacement of this product and when will your courier guy come to take your stuff? Phew...confession – Even if I was talking to myself, I would have hung up. So instead of bothering all the people there (guess there is Puja, Neha and a Thomas..not sure...I am bad with names), I used to talk with only guy there – Aayush and then there was Rama who used to mail me. So, things were smooth considering the extent of issues.

But there is one thing I did not liked. When I first call them for the Vit E cream, I left my contact information and no one responded to it. Later I wrote on their FB page and then I got a call from Aayush (now you know why I always made sure that I was talking to him). But at least they responded. I have been posting on Accesorize India FB...(lets keep this one for other day)

Added attraction – They have a virtual studio where you can try the make up product.

They also have this point system where you can redeem any gift of your choice with the points you have collected. But I am still to figure this out completely.

All in all, I am very satisfied.

Sad New for few - I know some guys who only trust COD. But they only provide COD for Hyd, Blore,Chennai, Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida. So, this might be a bummer.

What could have been better – Cannot demand anymore. After all the atrocities I have committed on them if I mention anything here then they know my address so might come and beat me.
And to be true, I have nothing for this section this time *big smile*


  1. I was also searching TBS for Vit E cream bt wen dey told me 500bucks for der membership card. i was like Ok bt thnx for saving me (I NEVER KNEW DEY COME WID SOME WEIRD EXPIRY DATES)

    em definately trying MedPlusBeauty site for some serious shopping

  2. i want COD in mumbai!! U tell them..they listen to u!!! :(

  3. hi...dear let me know abt the expiry dates of these products..
    are they too old..or the expire date is nearing..let me know b4 i buy any skin care products from them..i too like the website


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