Easy DIY Pacman Nail Art Tutorial

Jan 23, 2012

Recognized this awesome arcade game? Obviously you did :D
Here is a Pacman nail art with tutorial.

On Saturday I posted the Pacman nail art on my FB page. I always end up doing nail art when I have nothing else to do. As things happen in flow I always forget to click pic for tutorial. But this time I got someone to replicate this and here is a nail art for you all with a tutorial.

Nail Polish Used

Eyes and Dots 

Colorama Black and Lakme Color Crush 08 or 80 (INR 120) –
For Colorama black I already talked in my Hearts nail art post. I got the Lakme one just to keep my responsibility of promoting the brand which introduced makeup in India. I am sure there are people who might find their mother obliged to it. Some might have moved on as they are increasing the prices by leaps and bound. Anyways, whenever they introduce a new range I make it a point to buy at least one thing from them. This is a pure white color which is very thick so yes, a nail art genius.

Monsters / Ghosts

Flormar 424 (INR 75) Review - Very nice mint color with a nice texture. Last really long without chipping or fading

Lakme Mosaic (this is super old, Lakme used to cost INR 55-60 then) – I am in a mood to replace it soon. No more left to coat my 5 nails but kept it only for nail art. It died long back but keeping it alive with doses of acetone. I have failed to find this exact color. Somebody please suggest something.

Colorama Gabrielle Review – the RED red. Period. I mixed it with Lakme to lighten it up and show on black polish. But I caused some blunder while making this monster’s eyes. Make the color mix which ended up a little lighted than I intended it to be.

Colorbar Orange Mimosa (INR 150) Review – The best budget orange. Another color of this type is Colorama Laranja Citrico but it is bit more whitish so can make your hard look dark. Orange nail polish does make your hands look darker but this ones gives a radiance. Even my 70 year old aunt who never applied any other color than red-maroon her entire life loved this!


VOV yellow talked about in Taxi nail art with a drop of a thifted nail polish which I got from Kolkata. I was a nice shop with all drugstore brands and then I saw this – Nail Polish for INR 8! We don’t even get Golgappa/Panipuri at this rate. We do get Puchka at 3 for 5 or 4 for 5 ^_^

Have to get at least one color just to tell a story.

Inglot S-Bond Treatment (INR 490) as Base coat and Avon Top Coat (INR 120..it changes every month based on sale)– Both do their job perfectly. But I will not repurchase Inglot after it gets over.


Now, I did not want to make it on right hand as I did not wanted to disturb the colors on left hand. Some guy visited our home and I persuaded him that I need just one nail to show/teach it to other. After lots of ‘please’ he agreed. Yes, the finger below belong to a full grown male so, ignore the cuticle. Also, it was done in 3 mins with all the pics taken simultaneously so, its not very clean.

1. Apply the Black nail polish.

2. Make the blue lines. I mixed two trifted colors to get the preffered shade. I picked the bigger blue last year during India world cup…bleed blue. You might have spotted those nail art tip pens. The nail polish in them are always bad quality and the tips always choke but it contains a very thin blush that is awesome to work with. I used that brush here.

2. Monsters – Choose your colors. The original are Orange, Cyan, Pink and Red. They actually have a name and character also. Did you ever realized that?

Try to make a dome sort of structure first. An inverted U. Then pull from middle to show as 3 legs. I use a tooth pick here so you have to keep a very light hand for this.

3. Pacman – Make a acute angle. Then make a curve on the outer angle. As I used a toothpick, with the light hand I made it bigger to give it a full shape. Do not start from outside unless you are absolutely sure of your skills.

4. Eyes and white dots – Add the white dots and also white dots on mosters for eyes. Finish with black eyes of the Pacman and monster. For the monters black dot be extremely careful.

Tip for while dots – as pacman eats white dots, do not add white dots on the path behind him.

 I told him that i will remove ith when he leaves. Later on he completely forgot and left with this on this nail :D

You can be more creative and add Pacman bonus fruits (oranges, strawberry, cherry and banana). It occurred to me after I completed the nail art so was left to no space to add it.

Special thanks to the broken flip top of Vaseline Cocoa Butter Body Lotion.

PS: The design is not mine. The pic was sent to me long back as a chanlange by a friend of mind. When he recently added 13 other pics to it, I realised it high time to start now.

Liked my detailed tutorial? 

Liked my nail art? Do you still play games? Which one you liked most? Go ahead and make my day by commenting...


  1. wow....detailed tutorail! loved this one,i wanna do this for my lil cousin who is big fan of this game.i dont have so many colours. loved the matte yellow polish!

    1. do try it out dear..u can do a simpler version with less colors as well....do share how it came up

  2. try revlon plum seduction, i've that and its quite simialr to lakme mosaic.. btw awesome work :)


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