Colorbar Blush Peachy Rose Swatches and Review

Jan 3, 2012

Hi Darlings!! Hope you are all having a wonderful time. This winter is making me lazy that I find it hard to even open my own blog page. Anyways, what I am reviewing today is a blush which is an almost dupe of Benefit Coralista.

I brought this only a month back. Before that I was happy with my three blushes but suddenly I realized that 3 is a very less number. I wanted some cream blushes but then settled for this powdery one.

Price - INR 300. It was earlier INR250. I do not know why colorbar is hiking the price of all its products. Most of the time its even hard to any discount even online... *wondering*


Made In Italy...ring any bells??? The awesome Lakme Trio Earth Blush was also manufactured there. I really need to know how the Italians end up making such nice blushes.

Here is the pan in broad sunlight.

Packaging - The packaging is very lady like with 2 compartments. The top one containing the blush which you can see though the glass top and under it is the mirror with the place for a brush.

Brush - The brush by the way is of no use. Its not even of the proper shape to be used to apply blush. Also it shreds a lot.

Color/ Swatches

This is a peachy pink color with very nice golden shimmer. You can apply it very lightly just to give a radiance to your skin.

Here are the unblended and blended swatches. I tried to click them in different lights to show the sparkle. Also please do not be scared when the shimmer is showing up too much because even in the blended one I have applied too much to show the color. No lady in all her senses will ever apply so much in her face *grin*
Direct Sunlight

Little bit slanted away from the direct light

Near the light but not directly

Here is a zoomed pic of the pan to show the shimmer.

See how amazing the color is!

Staying Power - Its bad. I think it does not even last for 2 hours on my skin if applied alone. A little bit longer with a tinted moisturiser. The only way out here is to apply a cream blush of complementing underneath it to make it stay but then why won't I apply the cream blush alone! Maybe it will stay better with a foundation on but I do not use any foundation everyday so cannot speak on that part. 

Pan with the box under different lighting to show the pinkness in the color
In case you are wondering on what the pics have been clicked then here the wooled cap (cap right?) . I went ga-ga last winter when I saw Robin wearing this in HIMYM (will try to find that episode and show you guys). I got a purple one last winter but lost it.  I got from Lifestyle this year. This is something that saved me in Mcloedganj. And there they had this is awesome varierty. I wish I had waited for some time but then I could not resist myself when I saw these pom poms in Lifestyle.

Final Verdict - Awesome color at a pocket friendly price with a bad staying power. In case you do not mind to reapply it then its a must have. The color gives a very nice flush and totally fit peach color for Indians.

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  1. Hey...
    got this page through google.
    it didnt disappoint me at all.
    loved the way you written.
    nice review :)
    Keep up the good work :)I Diva


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