Bourjois Delice de Poudre Highlighting Powder 53 Swatch + Review + Where to Buy

Jan 18, 2012

Have you ever liked something on the makeup counter but never got it because you were not sure about it? Well it never happens with me generally as I am compulsive shopper but this product got into the list. A makeup product that is like a book with 4 white chocolate bricks is hard to resist but the only thing that made my rethink before buying this was – is it really good to buy something for 665INR that I do not even know how to use? But when I saw this for 100 INR off, I flushed the question and I am so glad that I did.

What’s written on the box

Give into your craving and enhance your beauty!
All the intensity of light captured in a fine pearly powder for an instant burst of radiance. Its delicious perfume and ultra soft texture will have you melting with pleasure. Apply with the brush over your delletage and add highlights to your face (forehead, cheekbones, chin) for a sheer luminous result

Package – its like a small hardbound book with a magnet cover to keep things in place. Inside we have the 4 white chocolate bricks which are of no less worth than to be eaten ^_^

Ingredients :

It looks so delicious that they have put a non-edible sign on the back :D

Swatch – It gives subtle rosey pearl lit from within radiance. It is subtle enough for day-time. 

Look carefully the 3 pics here. First one from left is a light hand (ok..fine…a tad more than a light hand to it on my skin) but see the glow :D. Second is a zoomed pic and 3rd is more zoomed just to show the shimmer particles here.

My Take -  For me it does a great job. Just a dab on the cheeks and shoulders/arms (no use now as its always covered now thanks to winter). You can even use to hightlight under the brow area. It is hard to spot the shimmer in general so you will not look like a disco ball (unless you have coated yourself with this).
As I need very very little amount and very lazy to use it also the time, this will last for eons for me. For the price I got this, I am happy.

Did you spot the rosiness in the pic?

Word of Caution - It might not show at all on very light skin. You might have to coat yourself for this to show and that ok if you are going for disco ball look *he he* You can try bronzer in this range. 

What could have been better? A mirror and a brush like those Physician Formula ones. (Yes I got stuffs from there, stay tuned ^_^ )

Where to Buy? 

Bourjois counters are present in all Lifestyle showroom (all Lifestyle stores I have visited so far). 

MedPlusBeauty has it for 565 INR - BEST PRICE!!! I got it from here with the other stuffs shown here

Stylecraze have Bourjois items but not this one. But they are sweet people and you can ask them for this one. Moreover, they have recently stocked many NYX stuff that you might not want to miss *wink*

Since there is no such thing as chocolate overdose,
do u wanna have a bite of white chocolate?


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